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"Simply Amazing"
This cigar is one of my favourites now. This little cigar will not win any awards and it is certainly not the most expensive cigar around. In fact, there is nothing special about this cigar at all; however, this cigar has made its way to the top of of my list. This cigar is, simply put, a pleasantly smooth, well rounded, everyday smoke that will not break the bank.
jboulet in frisco, tx November 18, 2012
"Bitter, bad aftertaste, don't buy these."
Tried these just to see what they were like, but wasn't expecting much and even then, I was still dissapointed. Very bitter taste, and all around nasty. I'd rather be toking on a swisher sweet. Don't make the mistake I did and get excited about the price and buy some of these. These are dirty, nasty, cheap cigars. There are much better options out there if you are looking for a budget cigar. Try the Perdomo stuff or the La Floridita limited (but not the normal La Floridita, it's gross too)
Eric in Southern Midwest June 15, 2012
"Its good like the original Mexican Cruz Real"
This reminds of, and may be the same as, the Mexican Cruz Reals that were available 10 years ago. If you liked them, you will like these. Some reviews said they are like smoking cardboard - so I was expecting it to taste like burning paper. It is not like like that. Dark brown Mexican maduro wrapper is dry, not oily, and has a peppery aroma, unlit. If you prefer a smoother, shiny maduro wrapper then this cigar is not for you - but I enjoy the dryer, rougher maduro wrapper. The cigar is actaully mild in my opinion, no harshness, no bite. I would not say that the flavor is strong or complex, but it is good if you like Mexican maduro and Mexican tobacco. Draw is easy. Burn is good and even. Flavor is consistent to the end. No lingering after taste.
JT in Maryland April 6, 2012
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