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Csonka Car Fresh Air Purifier Reviews [view details]

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"Does nothing"
Smoked a cigar in my Jeep with this air purifier plugged in. Left it plugged in for the over 24 hours and the car smelled exactly like it normally did 24 hours after smoking in it. Don't waste your money like I did. Overall tried using it in different combinations/time periods for a few months, never noticed a difference.
Joel in MA March 7, 2013
I bought this to use during my two hour commute from PA to Ocean County NJ and I had great hopes for this product, but after using this product for over 3 months now, every time someone gets in the car after i have smoked the can still smell it.
Anthony P in New Jersey March 22, 2012
If you follow the instructions, this little device works great! If you are on short car rides the smell will linger, but if you have this puppy plugged in for an hour or longer the smell will be gone. I love it!
Tamer in May 20, 2011
"Great dissapointment"
This was a great disappointment. After smoking a cigar in my truck an hour later my sons could still smell the cigar smell. Leaving it in my truck, even over night it still smells. The light is on when the truck is turned off but it does not work very well.
Anne in Valparaiso, IN May 2, 2011
"Works great!"
I have used this product in two SUV's for over three years. I smoke cigars with the Sunroof and a window cracked open in my GMC Acadia and my wife,(a non-smoker)can't tell. This a big seven passenger vehicle and it removers all odors. Skip the air fresheners it kills those to!!
T. Abel in Lake Ridge, Va. November 16, 2008