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Csonka Cigar Transporter Reviews [view details]

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"As Advertised"
Just received the Csonka Transporter today from Famous. It is exactly as advertised, which seems great. Only complaint is it clearly has a 'nook' for a cutter, but none of mine fit. Googling around isn't much help and their website is pretty 'basic'. It would be a 10 out of 10 if it either came with a cutter or there was some reliable way to find one that fits. Other than that its great though, cedar bottom, foam that hold your sticks in place, and what seems to be an adequate humidor. The pipette that holds extra 50/50 seems like overkill for such a small case; I'd rather have the cutter.. but perhaps I'll be singing a different tune when I'm away from home for too long and need to refill it on the fly. Anyway, its pretty darn cool for someone like myself who likes to have a couple sticks on hand, but didn't have a good way to keep em safe.
Steve in St. Louis June 4, 2010