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"Do Not Buy"
This was a wedding gift I purchased for my husband. He was thrilled when he received, but after only one month, the "soft Napa exterior" surrounding the case began falling off. The case looks pathetic now - full of patches of grey pewter that fall all over the place each time he uses it. Very sad I purchased as I had hoped this would be a fabulous travel gift set for him.
Traveler in South Carolina September 5, 2013
"Sorry I Bought It"
I don't typically write negative reviews. However, given what one pays for this item, I feel compelled to do so. All-in-all, these "Travelers" will keep your cigars in good shape for a few days. They look pretty good, for a while, as well. My chief complaint is that all of the items in the lid do not stay in their little compartments. The water bobbles, the matches, and the cutter all constantly fall out. So, the first thing you have to do when you open the lid is put all of the pieces back where they belong. Plus, the pieces flying around inside a closed Traveler will damage your cigars. I am, personally, very disappointed that I bought this. I used it a few times, but it just became too much of a hassle. Famous has quite a few nice, well constructed travel humidors. So one doesn't have to settle for this sort of poor quality.
Bill in Savannah, GA April 23, 2012
"Csonka Cigar Traveler almost meets expectations"
Nice size. Be aware ... claims to hold 5 cigars ... not if Joya de Nicaraguas or Alec Bradley "Freak" or "SCR's" ... Only could hold 4. If 5 ever fit then had to be really thin like Macanudo Hampton or even the Court. Matches and holder for matches ... Only a regular book of matches were included but didnt really fit right and no regular box of wooden matches fit.
MHH in Astoria, NY September 21, 2009