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"the best"
It's the best period.
dan in ct November 11, 2010
"CsonkaCloaker: Thank you for the reviews"
I was planning on buying one of these units today,being on a Monster Special I thought what the heck. Then I read the reviews. NO THANKS! I'll wait.
Frank Brice in Pittsburgh October 9, 2010
"Works Great Until it Doesn't"
I agree with both of the previous reviews. I bought two units, the little black one for my car and a "Super" for the house. Both units remove odor and leave a nice, clean odor behind. In that regard, as someone said, they are "amazing!" But both units failed in just a few months and I won't buy again. After just 4 months, the car unit started making a loud squeel which I assume was a bad bearing in the little fan. The Super unit lasted slightly longer. It seemed to gradually become less effective. Then one day, it simply refused to turn on. Slide the switch, nothing! Contacted Csonka about the warranty and they seemed "nice" but gave me a hassle about original receipts, shipping, etc. I threw both units in the trash. Great technology -- poor quality execution.
Phil in Oregon April 10, 2010
"Simply Amazing!"
I was not sure if this unit was going to be worth the money. After reading reviews I was skeptical of it, but I must say WOW!!! Not only did it remove the cigar smell from the room, it completly erased it. My wife could not believe i smoked a cigar. I enjoyed a nice Pepin blue label toro, she said she smelled a spicy peper seasoning smell but nothing more. This unit has won me over!!!
Paul in Madison Heights, MI March 8, 2010
"Unit breakdowns"
My father and I each purchased a Csonka super smoke cloaker w/ ozonator and ionizer. This product was matained and cleaned as per the instructions. My cloker brokedown after ten months and my dads after six months. When working they performed great. Just not worth 6-10 months usage. Then having to pay for a replacement unit (the warrenty was 1 yr. now only 90 days).
Joseph Weinshenker in IL May 11, 2008