Csonka Super Smoker Cloaker: Walnut Air Purifier Ac

Air Purifier
Walnut Air Purifier Ac

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Walnut Air Purifier Ac
The Csonka Super Smoker Cloaker is highly effective for elimination of smoke, pet, kitchen odors and much more up to 1,000 sq. ft. It's the model of choice for use, not only in homes, but also for small businesses, commercial facilities and hospitals. Why? Because it really works!
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"the best "
It's the best period.
dan in ct
"CsonkaCloaker: Thank you for the reviews "
I was planning on buying one of these units today,being on a Monster Special I t... more
Frank Brice in Pittsburgh
"Works Great Until it Doesn't "
I agree with both of the previous reviews. I bought two units, the little black ... more
Phil in Oregon
"Simply Amazing! "
I was not sure if this unit was going to be worth the money. After reading revie... more
Paul in Madison Heights, MI
"Unit breakdowns "
My father and I each purchased a Csonka super smoke cloaker w/ ozonator and ioni... more
Joseph Weinshenker in IL
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