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Csonka Survivor Travel Humidor Reviews [view details]

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"Good little Humi"
I got this a while back and am very happy with it. I have one of each: 1 Csonka 4 count 1 Xikar 5 count 1 Easy Dor 1 Leather Travel 10 count All of these are here on famous. This one is tied for 1st place with my Xikar. The Xikar is very sturdy and has an amazing seal so it cant be ignored. The Csonka allows you to carry 4 cigars plus extra water or PG solution (I carry one of each) and a cutter. My cutter is wedged in the recessed area of the lid. It is also cedar lined. I keep a small boveda pack in with the cigars. I put a hygro in with 4 cigars for a test (without boveda) and it stayed between 65 and 75 percent humidity. I still use the built in humidifier but keep a small boveda just to keep the humidity perfect. (I also keep a small boveda in the xikar as well) I have read some bad reviews on the other size csonkas. I may have just gotten a good one but mine is great.
Phil in Gainesville, GA October 5, 2013