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"a Disaster!"
I bought a gray one and liked the feel. For a longer trip. But within a couple of days the gray color started flaking off. So I complained to Famous. They said they will exchange it AND TEST the new one before they send it out. Well the new one flaked just as much looking like tattered dishcloth. The humidifier also start to fall apart. So I just gave up after loosing $85
Modris in Cape Coral, Florida November 14, 2014
"Feels somewhat cheap"
I bought this unit a few days ago and I must say I feel cheated. The case is not as sturdy as advertised. There is no way it can hold a constant humidity level as it does not shut tightly. There is no seal on the edges. The interior cedar sheets are extremely thin. Very disappointed.
Vincent M. in Montreal Canada July 26, 2013
"Not as advertised"
I purchased the Csonka Valet Humidor in tan but when it arrived it was supposed to be covered in leather but mine was vinyl material. For the high price of this item it should be covered in leather. I feel it isn't made well enough and is not worth the asking price.
Tom in Pennsylvania June 24, 2013
"Poorly Made"
Have had this travel humidor for a little more than a year... The case is POORLY made with apparently bendable sheet metal hinges. The top and bottom have never matched correctly, compromising any kind of seal that may have been intended. For the price I thought I was getting something well-made and with some level of quality. What a HUGE disappointment...
Howie in Massachusetts July 8, 2012
"Has stood up for years and looks new"
An Excellent product, have had one for four years now and it has stood up to all the abuse of daily use and still looks brand new. Much more luxurious than a plastic herfador. I fold a boveda pack up and put it in the square recess, works great, lasts for months.
Scott in Milwaukee May 3, 2012
"Not recommeded"
I ordered this product but got a bit different one. W/o lock in the centre, and I'm not sure that it's leaser. Not recommended.
Alexander in May 23, 2009