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Cuban Rounds Reviews

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Cuban Rounds Churchill
"Good, inexpensive smoke"
These are a good, inexpensive everyday type smoke that I tend to like a little more, even, than the Casa de Garcia. Which is another good, inexpensive everyday smoke. I ve been smoking these things for 40 years and they ain t killed me yet. Try em, keep an open mind, and I ll bet you ll like em.
Bat in Iowa July 30, 2014
Cuban Rounds Robusto
"Great Smoke!"
Well, I really wasn't expecting too much when I purchased this cigar. I just figured it was another quick cheap smoke. When I fired it up, I said... Hey, not bad!!! It was well constructed, great burn, and had a really good medium flavor. For a cheaper cigar, it's really good!
Mike September 5, 2009
Cuban Rounds Churchill
"So-so cigar"
Real spicy cigar, not my taste prefer a darker sweeter blend but the robusto are pretty decent.
Frank in Sacramento August 9, 2009
Cuban Rounds Robusto
i wasnt expecting much when i got these. theyre better than i thought. the band does look like cuban cohiba bands and i am frequently asked about that. make no mistake they arent as good as higher priced cigars (Duh!) but theyre good.
mike in upstate ny May 28, 2009
Cuban Rounds Robusto
"Good Cigar - Cuban Rounds"
Cuban Rounds have become my favorite cigar. It draws well and it is a surprizingly pleasant and fullfilling cigar. I will continue to order these.
Chuck in MN December 31, 2008
Cuban Rounds Toro
"These are actually very good"
My buddy and I review 3 cigars every month. We do not know what they are prior to smoking them. This cigar rated higher than the Trinidad and the Fonseca Triangulares. It is a "short filler" but still very tasty. At $2.50/stick it is well worth going out of your way to try one. Goes great with a cup of coffee.
Mike in New Hampshire September 21, 2008
Cuban Rounds Toro
"Dont laugh, ther'e good"
Picked this up at the local tobacco humidor. I like to experiment and needed a cheepie robusto cuz I only had about 20 minutes to smoke. Hated to put this down. Short cut tobacco but it was mild to medium with a creamy taste. No pepper or afterbite. If you can find em, give them a try, won't cost you much. I'm buying more for an everyday smoker.
J Paul in California September 3, 2008
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