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Cuban Rounds Toro Reviews [view details]

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"These are actually very good"
My buddy and I review 3 cigars every month. We do not know what they are prior to smoking them. This cigar rated higher than the Trinidad and the Fonseca Triangulares. It is a "short filler" but still very tasty. At $2.50/stick it is well worth going out of your way to try one. Goes great with a cup of coffee.
Mike in New Hampshire September 21, 2008
"Dont laugh, ther'e good"
Picked this up at the local tobacco humidor. I like to experiment and needed a cheepie robusto cuz I only had about 20 minutes to smoke. Hated to put this down. Short cut tobacco but it was mild to medium with a creamy taste. No pepper or afterbite. If you can find em, give them a try, won't cost you much. I'm buying more for an everyday smoker.
J Paul in California September 3, 2008
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