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Cubao Reviews

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Cubao Rothchild
"Fantastic Stick!"
Fantastic stick. Snagged them for $2.50 a stick on monster. What an absolute steal. Great flavor, burn, and tons of smoke production.
Ryan in Michigan April 4, 2014
Cubao No. 1
"Entry-level tobacco"
Decent smoke, peppery with a zing. The tobacco is too young and the smoke on the tight draw is burning hot; it s either this or my tongue is sensitive to ammonia which I thought I could smell on the foot for the first two weeks. Left a bitter taste on my tongue and a rough feeling in my throat. Wrapper was flaky and the band hard to remove without tearing it off. I ve yet to try a cheap Don Pepin stogie I'd want buy a box of. 70 points.
Stefan in City by the Bay February 19, 2014
Cubao Rothchild
"Great Cigar!"
Extremely flavorful cigars. Real flavor bombs. A nice medium/full body. If the other comments said they didn't like them it is because they did not allow them to age long enough. I got mine and after a month, they were good to go. Really killer cigar. And the prices here on FS are the best anywhere.
Phillip Kohn in Milwaukee January 27, 2014
Cubao No. 4
"Super smoke great price"
Just had my first Cubao Robusto and what a nice surprise...I think this will become my go to every day smoke...
Herb in Dana Point Ca. June 7, 2013
Cubao Rothchild
"Great smoke"
Great smoke bought a 5 pack and will definitely buy again. Deep earthy creamy and spicy as well as well balanced if you re a fan of Maduros and of Sumatra wrappers this stick is perfect.
Daniel Calero in Miami Fl June 5, 2013
Cubao Rothchild
Total waste of money and a good match...terrible!
Tony in Cape cod April 15, 2013
Cubao No. 8
"excelent cigar smooth and a lot of smoke"
A really great cigar if you have over an hour to enjoy it. Every so often the wrapper splits but most hold nicely through the whole smoke.
Joe in Medford NY April 14, 2013
Cubao No. 4
"Great smoke!"
Bought a 5-pack on a whim, very happy that I did. I like fuller strength cigars and this one did not disappoint. It's definitely on par with the Oliva V serie, which I love. Also, the Joya de Nicaragua Antono natural. Try them if you like full flavored cigars, not for the faint of heart!
Richard in Huntsville, Alabama June 24, 2012
Cubao No. 4 5 Pack
"The Ugly Duckling"
When you first look at this cigar you think here we go again with that stale.bitter taste. OMG the taste is wonderful if you like a full body. This cigar is the definition of full body. Big smoke, spice, ceder, coffee all in one inhale and through out. I almost do not want to tell anyone. It is funny because I always get this cigar for free. The reason is when anyone gets a sample pack they never smoke the Cubao because it just doesn't have the look, and I ask for it.
BUCK in PALM BEACH May 18, 2012
Cubao No. 4
"Good Taste"
Like everyone it seems I got this in a sampler, turns out it was the best cigar of the bunch. The taste was great, it burned perfectly, my only complaint is the draw could have been easier. I liked it so much I bought I five pack when it went on sale.
Mike in Reno May 17, 2012
Rocky Patel Xtreme
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