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Cubao Reviews

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Cubao No. 2
"tasted good"
Very good construction,taste good
snowman in CA February 23, 2012
Cubao No. 5
"So good!"
Got one of these in a sampler. Awesome smoke, great flavor and draw. Did have to relight it once, but was still great. Definitely would buy again.
Jimmy in Milwaukee, WI October 2, 2011
Cubao No. 2
Smoke 2 and you will reach hurridly for the third one.You will burn your fingers on the nub.Pepin truly deserves it all.You will only share with those closest to your heart.Are you getting the idea that I like these?
BG LEW in MTNS. OF KENTUCKY September 5, 2011
Cubao No. 5
"Great smoke"
This is just a great medium bodied, fairly complex and an underated classic. Cigars like this remind me that the embargo really isn't that big of a deal. Bravo to the the master Pepin once again.
Jamie in Portland, Or August 29, 2011
Cubao No. 2 5 Pack
"Wow what a cigar"
I got only two inna sampler the other day and I finally got around to lighting one up. I thought I lit up a Padron or camacho until I checked the band I am very impressed by this one enough so that I need to get more,the flavors from it is BOLD to say the least and very smooth kinda peppery and sweet @ the same time yep I find these to be lip smackin good
BuffaloSpirit in Oneida Nation Wisconsin July 20, 2011
Cubao No. 4
"A tortoise in the humidor, a hair in the lounge."
This little, seemingly unexciting, and might I say plane looking stick would have never caught my eye in the humidor if it wasn't stuck inside a variety pack I purchased with some Rocky's. This is one of those foot-in-mouth moments because out of the humidor and into the lounge it performs magnificently. It burns great, full flavored but not as strong as you might think. It's a smooth pleasant smoke and would recommended it to anyone who isn't a fan of drawn out after taste. By the next day, I couldn't taste it at all. Perfect!
Tom R in Albuquerque, NM January 12, 2011
Cubao No. 2
"Top-notch cigar"
Very full and spicy in the first third. Fantasic flavor and complexity. It smoothed out considerably in the second third, but still held the flavor and complexity. Clean burn, lots of smoke and decent ash. This is one cigar that's worth the money
Jackson in California January 9, 2011
Cubao No. 4
"Great smoke in an unlikely package"
I received this Cubao No. 4 in a bundle I purchased at a cigar shop. I was more interested in the Rocky Patel's it came with but when I finally decided light up the little, seemingly out of place cigar in the corner of my humidor, I was absolutely surprised! It's very consistent, mild, but full of flavor. And what a finish... where I go a couple days with a smokes after taste lingering on my pallet, this Cubao stuck around nicely for a short time after I finished it then by the next morning it was gone. Perfect!
Tom R in Albuquerque, NM January 8, 2011
Cubao No. 1
"((( Easy Going Smoke )))"
The Cubao # 1 Churchhill is a mild cigar, with a smooth light brown colored wrapper. The cigar easily supports a nice one inch white ash. The draw is somewhat loose, but the burn is good and even throughout. The cigar exhibits smooth notes of creamy almond flavors, in the nose, and hints of wood are present on the pallet. The burn time on this cigar is approximately 65 minuets. On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd rate this Churchhill 6
Robb in Michigan June 20, 2010
Cubao No. 1
"Wonderful Smoke"
I'm not your common cigar smoker. I'm a beginner who loves a full flavored smoke. I stopped at a local shop today and picked one of these up on recommendation. (The prices here are much better!) This was a WONDERFUL smoke! I chose a single malt scotch to enhance it and, (I'm not fond of scotch either so this was a surprise to me,) it just got better! While I'm still looking for the "perfect" smoke for me, this one climbs to the top of my list for now. I will absolutely smoke more of them!
Xark in Frederick, CO March 6, 2010
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