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"Very tightly wrapped"
Very well made, full packed cigar. Could have been a little more loose for easier draw..Overall, a fine cigar for the price...
Knighted1 in Indiana October 25, 2013
"nice little cigar"
nice smoke, burns evenly, great to hover over a few afterwork beers. if you can't find enjoyment in one of these babies, you blow'n smoke out the wrong end. enjoy...
willard in norman, ok July 6, 2012
"Waste of money"
i wondered why the ratings are so high. This cigar is one of the worst that i ever smoke
C in Va June 4, 2012
"garat cigar"
great cigar. weekend for me. good price .burn good .taste good.perfect cigar for me.
ron in pa February 13, 2012
"OK, but not in my top 10 favorites."
Considering the makers of this cigar I expected more. The taste reminds me of a Tampa Nugget, just a little short on flavor.
Robert in Lawrenceville Ga. August 28, 2010
"Pretty good for just kickin' it casual..."
I was given one of these years ago as a hand-out when when my niece was born. Turned out, after the symbolic handing out of the cigars to a few people, no one else was a cigar smoker except me. I ended up with half a box. These cigars became my de facto "beer drinking at the bar with friends" cigars. Nothing special about them, just mild, easy smoke. Good value for price. Maybe not for pairing with top-shelf bourbons or really special occassions, but wonderful for everyday, casual smokes with friends.
Brad in Dallas, TX July 1, 2010
"GREAT Cigar for the Price!"
I think I found a great everyday cigar. I enjoy the smaller ring. For me this cigar is perfect easy, draw,great burn and no after taste. Aroma is enjoyable and mellow.
Ray in Denver May 5, 2010
"Bland and Boring"
I had one of these for just a buck. I would not take the time to smoke another one of these because I think it is a waste of time. A similarly machine-made Miami Sweet is better than these. Absolutely no flavor. They smoke fast for 25-30 minutes. Lots of smoke, decent construction, fair smell. Wouldn't recommend taking time to sit down with one of these if an enjoyable smoke is what you like.
Robert in Idaho June 4, 2009
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10 Construction (65) 100
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