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Cuesta Rey Centenario Reviews

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Cuesta Rey Centenario Cameo (10)
"Below Average"
Extremely nice looking box but the taste is simply disgusting. Especially compared to full-size CuestaRey which are pretty good. Very disappointed.
Aleksey in Uzbekistan December 7, 2014
Cuesta Rey Centenario Aristocrat
Very good smoke !! The flavors i tasted the most were : cream, nut, milk coffee. These flavors lasted till the end of the smoke.
Andre in Estonia August 4, 2014
Cuesta Rey Centenario Tuscany
"Great Mild Cigar!"
What a great mild cigar this is! I've enjoyed these and the Captiva from time to time . I usually smoke fuller cigars but when in the mood for a mild cigar , I really like these best of all.
John in Fannin County Georgia June 13, 2014
Cuesta Rey Centenario #60
"Great everyday cigar"
Solid choice for an everyday cigar, or one to share with non-regular cigar smokers. Good burn, mild to medium, good ash, draws well, decent construction, will not disappoint.
Oldchief in Concord MA January 9, 2013
Cuesta Rey Centenario Aristocrat
"Loved by Marines"
Supports United States Marines! Wonderful cigar and a best seller. Smooth enjoyable treat! Nice burn. Ooh Rah
Autumn in Virgina January 5, 2013
Cuesta Rey Centenario Cameo (10)
"Cuesta Rey Centenario Cameo Review"
A good review of the Cuesta Ray would be in comparison to only the other cigarillos in the same category (i.e 10 for 15 dollars). In this category I have tried a handful. Comparing this cigar to those: The Questa Rey Centenario Cameo is better than the Leon Jimenes Petites, the Montecristo Yellow Memories, and the Partagas Puritos. Compared to these, the Cuesta Rey is obviously better.
Mark in Santa Barbara May 5, 2012
Cuesta Rey Centenario #60
"Very Nice!"
This is a very pleasant mild to medium smoke. The draw is comparable to that of a more expensive cigar.
Aubrey in Bowie, MD August 2, 2010
Cuesta Rey Centenario Cameo (10)
"Great value for the money!"
Bought a tin, together with other cigars. I like mild smokes. These definitely do deliver. Like my wines I give them marks from 5 to 10. These get a 9 (only because I never give a 10!)
Guus in Helena, MT June 30, 2009
Cuesta Rey Centenario Cameo (10)
"Looks can be decieveing"
I bought a tin of these cigars because I wanted good smoke that was good and quick, and cheap. These Cameos deliver. On first inspection these looked like junk. The wrapper was not smooth and was loose in places. The caps were not well adhered, and the seemed very soft. After a week in the humidor I decided to light one up. The flavor started a bit spicy but soon mellowed out to a very enjoyable smoke, leathery, with some ceder and bit of pepper. These are mild-medium to medium in flavor. The draw was good, firm but not tight. About what you would want in a small stick to keep you from burning through it in a few puffs. The flavors intensified toward then with more peppery notes. This was a very nice smoke and much more enjoyable than the $1 a stick Thompsons that came with my humidor.
63mg in Maine May 21, 2009
Cuesta Rey Centenario Pyramid #9
"One of my best cigars!"
Well I really think this cigar is under rated, it is an excellent cigar and has top quality in the construction and burn, the consistency is outstanding!
Hernan Welsh in Monterrey, Mexico April 2, 2009
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