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Cuesta Rey Centenario Reviews

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Cuesta Rey Centenario Tuscany
"better than a cohiba"
way better than a cohihba
Ben in spokane WA June 25, 2008
Cuesta Rey Centenario Cameo (10)
nice amounts of smoke, great for a 15-30 minute smoke depending on how strong you pull on it, sweet, tastes like classic tobacco, slightly oaky taste. can smoke to the nub with some spicy but not unpleasant notes. one cigar ive smoked so far had quite a bad binder cap which became unravelled, easily fixed by turning as you smoke it.
jordank in rhode island February 29, 2008
Cuesta Rey Centenario #60
"Very disapointed"
This one is all show and bad taste (good marketing). I could not finish it was so bad. This box will go into the trash.
Steve in Dallas TX December 6, 2007
Cuesta Rey Centenario #60
"Nice Cigar"
I had one of these today while I waited for the auto mechanic to repair my car. It started off a bit on the mild side. About one inch into the cigar, the flavor began to take shape. It was nice and smooth, very little aftertaste, and stayed this way until the end. The burn could have been a bit better, but it didn't ruin the experience. I will pick up a box of these.
Brian in Kentucky November 14, 2007
Cuesta Rey Centenario #60
"Hands down my favorite "every day" cigar"
Mild, cool, easy drawing, cigar. Lasts about six holes on the golf course...
Bing in Salinas, CA August 23, 2007
Cuesta Rey Centenario #60
"a great cigar"
so far my favorite cigar. The # 9 is also not bad thanks
eric weber in vacaville ca November 9, 2006
Cuesta Rey Centenario Cameo (10)
I just had my first one of these. Great burn, draw, smoke, and taste! It lasted about 45 minutes. Although small, it was WAY BETTER than bigger $1.00 smokes I've had. Very satisfying!
emelbee in Fort Collins, CO August 24, 2006
Cuesta Rey Centenario Pyramid #9
"Nice looking"
Nice looking, excellent construction...but, I'm sorry to say, even cheap machine-made Cubans (Quintero, La Flor de Cano,)are more flavorful and aromatic.....
Christian in Resita (RO) June 20, 2006
Cuesta Rey Centenario Pyramid #9
"Great Smoke"
This is one of my favorites. It is cheap in price but rich in flavor. If you are into stronger cigars that are complex Cuesta Rey is a must have in the humidor.
Uppercut in Mid-West January 11, 2006
Cuesta Rey Milano Humi-Can
"Handy and Dandy"
These are great for traveling and retain more of the spicy nature sealed airtight as they are. The only problem I've had is they are a little too damp; but they are fine if aired for a few hours in a drier climate. If you've enjoyed the Tuscany and you'll find these similar but more flavorful.
Steve C in Newark, DE November 10, 2005
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