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Cuesta Rey Centenario Reviews

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Cuesta-Rey Pyramid #9 Limited Edition Humidor
"love ithe cigars and the humidor!!!"
great gift and the cigars are extremely popular
frank d in boston October 7, 2005
Cuesta Rey Centenario #11
"Nice cigar for the money"
This is one of my favorite cigars and for the money they are hard to beat. Great draw and long burn on top of the awsome aroma makes this a great all around pick.
Derek F in Fairfield Ca December 9, 2004
Cuesta Rey Centenario #60
"A great smoke,,a 9.5..."
This is a great smoke from A. Fuente. This cigar has a Sun Grown Wrapper and is extremely smooth. The cigar finishes the same way it starts, its hard to put it down. If you like a smooth, medium cigar give this one a try. A 9.5..
Pete in Palm Harbor,Fl July 22, 2004
Cuesta Rey Centenario Cameo (10)
"Cuesta Rey Cameo"
I fell in love with the Cuesta Rey Cameo while I was shopping for a small cigar. Don't let the size fool you. There is alot of flavor in that small package. It is about a 20 minute smoke which works out perfectly with my schedule. Nothing wasted. If you don't have time for a full size cigar, the cameo is a great alternative. It has become my cigar of choice in a very short time.
Jerry in Florida March 11, 2004
Cuesta Rey Centenario Tuscany
"All Foam, No Beer"
This is a firm, very attractive smoke, very good cap with a smooth slightly oily wrapper. Burned slightly uneven but held a strong ash and drew well. Flavor is the downside. Very mild leather and cedar flavors that turns woody as you finish. Mid 80's on looks. Avoid if you are looking for a medium or stronger smoke.
J B Ford in Boston, MA January 20, 2004
Cuesta Rey Centenario Pyramid #9
Great smoke. Bought one on advice of local smoke shop owner and I had to call and thank him. Burned a little unevenly, but otherwise an excellent smoke. Very smooth, beautiful ash. Only ashed twice and first because had reached the ring! I will order these today.
G. Jones in Brandon,MS December 28, 2003
Cuesta Rey Centenario Cameo (10)
"Ultra-smoothe, elegant little smoke."
Terrifficly smoothe elegant little cigar. "Just right" when you have a few long moments to relax and cogitate, but not the whole night to spend with a larger friend. My "matinee mix" consists of the Cuesta Rey Cameo (rated here), the La Aurura Finos--my favorites--and some H. Uppman petites. I keep these in their own small cigar-box-converted humidor, always ready to be called upon for a nice relaxing smoke.
Ricardito in Valrico, FL November 28, 2003
Cuesta Rey Centennial Dominican #2
"Taste is smooth and wife like the smell--a plus"
Highly recommended
Fred in NY October 26, 2003
Cuesta Rey Centenario #11
"Favorite cigar"
This is absolutely the best cigar I've smoked so far. Great, mild taste. Smooth, even draw. The #11 and the #9 are superb. Good 40 minute smokes. And it goes so perfectly while drinking a great oatmeal stout on the patio on a cool evening. Buy them!
John in Mission Viejo October 10, 2003
Cuesta Rey Centenario Tuscany
"Consistenly beautiful smoke although light"
I have smoked a half dozen of these in the last two months and they are consistently smooth, beautifully wrapped and with one of the most effortless draws around. The only "drawback" that some might have is that they are a very "light" smoke.
Andres in Miami May 30, 2003
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