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Cuesta Rey Centro Fino Reviews

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Cuesta-Rey Centro Fino Sun Grown Belicoso #11
Great balance, rich taste and complex flavors...this is one of 60+ different cigars I have in my portfolio and this is also one of my favorites..solid cigar at a very fair price.
michael georgariou in monterey March 8, 2013
Cuesta-Rey Centro Fino Sun Grown Robusto #7
"Nice lil smoke"
I picked up a box cause no one else was really bidding on them. Nice smoke, went well with my glass of Porter.
Eric in Oregon October 18, 2012
Cuesta-Rey Centro Fino Sun Grown Pyramid #9
Excellent! Just ordered 2 more boxes... Goes greast with coffee or a cold one. Bob
Robert in Nacogdoches, Tx. August 12, 2012
Cuesta-Rey Centro Fino Sun Grown #60
"Sun Grown??"
An OK smoke but not much flavor. A step below the fuente sun grown. Smoked a Cuesta vs Maroma with a buddy and neither of us thought that the taste was any better. The Cuesta had a little better burn but no more flavor.
Chris in Oregon March 28, 2012
Cuesta-Rey Centro Fino Sun Grown Pyramid #9
"Great Smoke"
Awesome cigar! Great taste and look. Would recommend trying one.
Stone in SC May 20, 2011
Cuesta-Rey Centro Fino Sun Grown Robusto #7
"Great Cigar at a Great price!"
They had these on the shelf at the base PX figured I would give it a try. WOW! Great tasting Cigar.
JV in Bagram, Afghanistan April 2, 2010
Cuesta-Rey Centro Fino Sun Grown #60
These are just superb. Not expensive, not exclusive, but they just damn taste great! They start out with a nice medium body, and gain richness and complexity as you smoke. Just outstanding. The price just isn't the issue with these - If they were twice the price they'd still be a bargain. Get a box now, trust me.
James P in Hollywood August 8, 2009
Cuesta-Rey Centro Fino Cortez
I bought this one hoping it would change my mind on Cuesta Rey, who unfortunately is the base exchange's main brand of choice but sadly 'no'. I seemed like a souped up Garcia and Vega (taste-wise), for some reason they just don't taste great to me and that pretty much wrecks the experience. Construction, consistency and draw were fine but for over six bucks I expect a lot more. If you want something like this for a LOT less money (and MUCH more flavor and draw), check out the Gispert Toro en Tubo (you will get over twice as many smokes for the same $$$).
Jeff in Overseas July 7, 2009
Cuesta-Rey Centro Fino Sun Grown Robusto #7
"Consistently great aroma!"
This is a really great cigar for those who enjoy a medium taste. It burns well and the aroma is consistent from order to order. Goes great with a straight-up scotch and a bottled water.
JW in Tampa, FL May 26, 2009
Cuesta-Rey Centro Fino Sun Grown Churchill #1
"A delight to lite"
Cuesta-Rey centro fino sun gtown cigars are a delight to smoke. I always look forward to one as aspecial treat to myself. Very well done indeed. More people should smoke them.
Smoke Somemore in Overland Park Ks November 21, 2008
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