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Cuesta Rey Centro Fino Reviews

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Cuesta-Rey Centro Fino Sun Grown Robusto #7
Wow, If you want a treat this is where you want to be! These little babies rocked my world, a perfect cigar. Tart and spicy to start with then rolling into an extremely satisfying full bodied experiance. Hints of cedar and nuts with satin smooth billowing smoke. Burned like a champ down to the nub and I have the burnt fingers to prove it! Whole heartedly reccommending this cigar. Fabulous
MEjax in All over! May 27, 2005
Cuesta-Rey Centro Fino Sun Grown Robusto #7
Just a fantastic short smoke! Beautiful construction, good shiney wrapper, burned perfectly with a strong white ash. Not what I would call a "full strength" cigar but rather a "full flavor" cigar with character aplenty. No harshness, and a nice finish. A seriously good smoke!
Willie in New Mexico February 20, 2005
Cuesta-Rey Centro Fino Sun Grown Robusto #7
"They're Grrreeeaaat!!"
Great stogie. A must buy for a quick flavorful smoke. I had to buy a box for myself the day after trying one...they are that good!
Steve in Shawnee, OK July 6, 2004
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