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Cuesta Rey Reviews

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Cuesta Rey Caravelle
"Very tightly wrapped"
Very well made, full packed cigar. Could have been a little more loose for easier draw..Overall, a fine cigar for the price...
Knighted1 in Indiana October 25, 2013
Cuesta Rey 898
"were better before they changed the band"
These had much better wrappers and flavor when they had the old 898 band. Now they are meh. Ugly wrapper, below average taste. JC Newman would be disappointed in what they did to his cigar.
jrb in MD May 17, 2013
Cuesta Rey #95
"Years Ago they were better"
It has been 20 years since I smoked cigars. This one was one of my favorite. Bought a box a month ago. Just can't find the Taste I am looking for. may be an old box they were like rocks.
Vincent in Coral Springs Fl March 8, 2013
Cuesta Rey 1884
"Affordable Price & Under~Rated"
a very good cigar that the draw and consistency depends on your cut or your punch. i prefer to punch the ends of these 44's and the draw is smooth. a higher rateing would mean higher price... Let's keep it our little secrete........
Willard in Norman, Oklahoma January 7, 2013
Cuesta Rey #95
"personal fav or the Cuesta-Rey line"
Would seek out this size for many years in the 90s and early 2000s. It is quite mild, creamy smooth, and an excellent draw. But since tastes have moved toward stronger and fuller-bodied smokes. the Cuesta-Rey #95 is a hard-to-find cigar. Jump on it when you find it if you like mild-bodied.
Billy Bob Sixpack in Valdosta, GA July 27, 2012
Cuesta Rey Caravelle
"nice little cigar"
nice smoke, burns evenly, great to hover over a few afterwork beers. if you can't find enjoyment in one of these babies, you blow'n smoke out the wrong end. enjoy...
willard in norman, ok July 6, 2012
Cuesta Rey Caravelle
"Waste of money"
i wondered why the ratings are so high. This cigar is one of the worst that i ever smoke
C in Va June 4, 2012
Cuesta Rey Caravelle
"garat cigar"
great cigar. weekend for me. good price .burn good .taste good.perfect cigar for me.
ron in pa February 13, 2012
Cuesta Rey 1884
"Smooth & creamy; a delight to smoke!"
Am a fan of mild-bodied smokes and have never met a Cuesta_rey I didn't love! Prefer the Lonsdale but all sizes have excellent construction, consistency and draw. Very creamy and delicious. Not the bargain they once were (what is?), but they're great for a group smoke.
Ken Klanicki in Valdosta, Ga. January 7, 2011
Cuesta Rey Caravelle
"OK, but not in my top 10 favorites."
Considering the makers of this cigar I expected more. The taste reminds me of a Tampa Nugget, just a little short on flavor.
Robert in Lawrenceville Ga. August 28, 2010
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