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Cuesta Rey Reviews

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Cuesta Rey Caravelle
"Pretty good for just kickin' it casual..."
I was given one of these years ago as a hand-out when when my niece was born. Turned out, after the symbolic handing out of the cigars to a few people, no one else was a cigar smoker except me. I ended up with half a box. These cigars became my de facto "beer drinking at the bar with friends" cigars. Nothing special about them, just mild, easy smoke. Good value for price. Maybe not for pairing with top-shelf bourbons or really special occassions, but wonderful for everyday, casual smokes with friends.
Brad in Dallas, TX July 1, 2010
Cuesta Rey Caravelle
"GREAT Cigar for the Price!"
I think I found a great everyday cigar. I enjoy the smaller ring. For me this cigar is perfect easy, draw,great burn and no after taste. Aroma is enjoyable and mellow.
Ray in Denver May 5, 2010
Cuesta Rey 898
"Mellow and elegant"
The size and natural color of the 898's attracted me right off the bat. I've smoked two thus far, and enjoyed each one. I find these very soothing and mellow in character, with nutty notes. Just the right size and feel in the hand, with large clouds of smoke. The burn is uniform, and I was able to enjoy these down to the nub. I'm looking forward to my next one already!
Frank in Greenlawn, NY December 1, 2009
Cuesta Rey Caravelle
"Bland and Boring"
I had one of these for just a buck. I would not take the time to smoke another one of these because I think it is a waste of time. A similarly machine-made Miami Sweet is better than these. Absolutely no flavor. They smoke fast for 25-30 minutes. Lots of smoke, decent construction, fair smell. Wouldn't recommend taking time to sit down with one of these if an enjoyable smoke is what you like.
Robert in Idaho June 4, 2009
Cuesta Rey 1884
"Tight draw, smooth taste"
Despite the hard, tight draw, these lonsdales are reasonably good for the money. Very smooth for a maduro wrapper with no bitterness. Disappointing finish and virtually no aftertaste. Cigar does not smell earthy when sniffed, which is too bad. Not a bad cigar, but not my favorite flavor.
Steven in West Palm Beach January 1, 2009
Cuesta Rey 898
Bad burn, fell apart as I smoked it. Left the stick burning in a Best Buy ash tray. The only good thing is that it was free
Alfredo in Virginia October 30, 2008
Cuesta Rey #1
"Very Good"
Understand that I am a woman that smokes cigar and I have tried many brands but this is the best cigar i have ever smoked to date and I have been smoking cigars for 5 years.
Dee in Texas October 12, 2008
Cuesta Rey 898
"Why not 25 cigars in a 8-9-8 configured box?"
Why aren't there 25 cigars in this box? These are supposed to be "8-9-8". The term is coined from how the cigars are boxed; bottom layer 8 cigars, middle layer 9 cigars, top layer 8 cigars. Therefore, there should be a total of 25.
Dr.Feelgoods June 8, 2008
Cuesta Rey #95
"Used to be a great cigar. Now a piece of crap."
I used to buy #95 right from the factory in Tampa many years ago. Since moving to Canada, I have not had one in years. I ordered a box, and was extremely disappointed. It tasted horrible, and I could not keep it buring straight. This is the WORST cigar I have smoked in years! Too bad - a legend dies!
william in windsor, ontario canada October 2, 2007
Cuesta Rey 1884 (3)
"Very FINE everyday cigar"
Mild, yet interesting full flavored cigar. Having enjoyed a wide range of quality cigars spanning 4 decades now, I think the Cuestra Rey 1884 Natural wraper(Red box) is one of the Best secrets in cigar values! Up untill a few years ago, you USED to be able to grab these on the run at Walgreens drug stores of all places but not any more! (Ahhh for the old days!) Not a truly great cigar,.. but a FINE cigar you sure can't go wrong with anytime of the day or for any occasion. These get a TWO thumbs up!
Birchman in Ill September 30, 2007
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