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Cuesta Rey Reviews

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Cuesta Rey #95
"Should have smoked the $3.00 instead"
I always finish at least most of any cigar I try. I couldn't even get halfway on this one. Maybe I just got a bad one. It tasted like a cedar plank and it tasted old. I like cedar, but I thought I was smoking straight up cedar. Had a real ashy taste to it if that makes any sense....hopefully I just got a bad one
Justin in Tennessee August 9, 2007
Cuesta Rey 1884 (3)
"One Fine Cigar!"
Tried my first one of these, and all I can say is this is one fine smoke. It has excellent draw and burn, and the taste is just fabulous. I'll definitely be smoking more of these!
Gil G in So. Calif. April 14, 2007
Cuesta Rey 898
"Great Vegas Story w/ this 898"
Im in Vegas just sitting back watching my friends playing Black Jack, Im just enjoying my cigar. From accross the room some lady yells out "O'crap, whats that stink!?" I just lifted it up to my mouth, took a nice long draw blew out the smoke and smiled at her. Everyone else mentioned how good it smelled, just FYI...Seriously though this a great cigar. Very smooth and consistant.
Brian Schroeder in So Cal October 12, 2006
Cuesta Rey #47
These 47's were all I expected them to be - a well constructed medium strength smoke as all of the others I've had in the Cuesta Rey line. Consistent from box to box.
Greg in michigan September 28, 2006
Cuesta Rey 1884 3 Pack
"Consistantly Satisfying"
What can I say about a cigar that has been the foundation of "good cigars" for decades. This has to be the cigar that all others should be compared to. Simply one of the "Most Enjoyable" smokes on the market, PERIOD
Bruce in Wickliffe, Ohio May 19, 2006
Cuesta Rey #95 (3)
"The memory of greatness"
It's been around 15 years or so since I've had a Cuesta Rey cigar. I've gotten so wrapped up in all of the other great premiums over the years that I have forgotten how good they were. Well I got a 3 pack in with the others I won in the auction, and the "memory of greatness" returned. Absolutely one of the most delicious cigars made. And...one of the best draws and burn. I must start smoking these beauties again.
Bruce in Wickliffe, Ohio February 24, 2006
Cuesta Rey 1884 (3)
"Real nice"
Nice flavor and even burning, not a trace of bitterness or bite, just a very good smoke.
Tommy in Texas January 8, 2006
Cuesta Rey #95 (3 Pack)
"Not worth the price."
A loosely packed and hot smoke. I thought it was machine made.
John Israel in Carriere April 7, 2005
Cuesta Rey #95
"Same quality, box to box"
Same quality, box to box
Greg in Warren Michigan July 9, 2003
Cuesta Rey #47
"Not what it used to be"
This cigar is nowhere near as good as it was earlier in the year. They must have decided to rush the hands of time on this one.
Jim in Vancouver, WA October 28, 2001
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