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Cusano 18 Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Unreal smoke!"
Chocolate,cinnamon,and hints of leather all give this 18 year old smoke this respect it deserves. A solid 10.
Prince of Peace in Wisconsin January 20, 2009
"a good one !!"
a really nice smoke..
Charlie in Richmond,VA December 29, 2008
"a good freeBee from Famous"
having rec'd this as a freeBee from Famous and having meant try them in previous years I can say they are a pleasant mild to medium smoke that is premium but not multi dimentional in flavour. Perhaps smoking it outside as usual, affected the taste a little on the Thames Coast in England ? I'd try a five pack next time and the construction etc was perfect.
Creekend in UK August 13, 2008
"Thought I was smoking a non premium bundled cigar"
This is exactly what I thought the last time i tried one of these. This cigar is over rated and over priced even at 20 bucks a 5 pack, does not even come close to similar cigars that are less expensive. Your better of with a Carlos Torano or Olor by far.
Mark in Eagan August 6, 2008
"Good, Not Great"
Just sampled the Cusano 18 dbl Connecticut Robusto. It is a well made cigar with even burn and ample smoke, but the flavors just weren't there for me. Kinda reminded me of the Gispert I smoked with a friend a couple years ago. I tasted vanilla, and perhaps some grassy notes. Decent flavors, but still, left me wanting. Good, but not great.
Rubix3 in Amherst May 22, 2008
I was eager to try this cigar with all the positive ratings. After I tried it, it's disappointing. The contruction, burn and drag is great but taste like wet socks. Light one up and you'll never come back.
LoganX in New York May 2, 2008
"Bad Bad Taste"
I got this cigar in a sample pack. I had heard great things about it,and could not wait. Finally the time came for me to light one up. After the first draw I thought to myself what up. After a few more draws I was thinking I need to find a dog so I could kiss its ass to get the taste out of my mouth. Smoked like molded grass from last year lawnmower, and a dirty sock to boot.
Tom Sikes in Texas April 12, 2008
"Not very good, but I think it was off"
I was looking forward to this nice little robusto with the tan/brown connecticut wrapper because it was sent in a sample pack with an 18 maduro, a 1997 corojo, and a 10th anniversary robusto. The smell of the unlit cigar was much like tea and a spice box, very pleasant and certainly inviting the light. I gave it a straight cut and I could tell the pull was light so I was anticipating a easy smoking cigar. I was not dissappointed. However, with every initial draw, there was a slight musty flavor. It did not linger very long, however, I thought it would go away after the first third, but it did not. I could tell the cigar had promise, but unfortunately, it was tainted slightly (like good wine that has just a hint of oxidation or cork taint). From the other reviews here, it would seem that this is not the norm, so I am hoping the other cigars in the pack are not affected as well. I will try this cigar once again, although my impression right now is not very good.
Nick in Fayetteville, nc March 12, 2008
"Cusano Hits a Medium-Bodied Home Run"
I got one of these in a sampler pack and smoked it today. It is without a doubt my new favorite. Even burn, effortless draw with velvety smooth smoke, and great construction. Gives off a succulent aroma. The Cusano 18 was mildly sweet with nutty flavors. Mellow from start to finish, i smoked until I was about burning my fingers and it never got hot or bitter on me. A terrific all around smoke.
JTD in Oxford, MS February 7, 2008
"got a bad 5-pack"
I have been smoking these for 2 years, and they are one of my favorite,(I actually have another glowing review on this page). However I bought a 5 pack a couple of months ago, and they smelled musty. I didnt give it any thought, due to my previous great experiences with this cigar, and placed them in my humidor. I started to smoke one tonight, and it tasted like wet socks! Has anyone else had this happen lately?
jon in brunswick, ga September 1, 2007
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