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Cusano 18 Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Absolutely Smooooth"
Very good smoke. Going to move up to the Churchill's and Toro's to enjoy 20 minutes more. Extremely smooth and consistent. Very good first cigar for the after dinner crowd at the house. Impressive and reasonably priced to share with friends that aren't quite sure about cigars and need the proper introduction to each other.
T. Patrick in CO August 7, 2007
"VERY Nice"
Very smooth med bodied cigar! I usually smoke maduros so I thought this might be too light for me, it was not. Med bodied, nice earthy taste! SMOOTH! I liked this as much as a Partagas Spanish Rosado, but with more flavor.
Ari in Monsey, N.Y. July 24, 2007
"Great Morning Smoke"
I have to agree with Vince. I'd rate these more as 85 to 87. They have a subtle unique undertone that reminded me of the Zino Connoisseur. These cigars burn very even for me and have a great draw with a creaminess that builds up towards the end. Definitely worth the price.
Rick C. in Westminster, MD July 13, 2007
"always consistent"
I have only smoked the robustos,(my favorite size), they are always consistent, good burn, great mild to medium flavour,with a little complexity, and excellent draw. All the hype is well deserved. Any bad reviews have to be a result of improper storage, etc. I have smoked 20 plus of these, first from my local tobbacco shop, and second from the box I purchased. Trust me you cant go wrong with the c18, unless it has been improperly stored.
Jon Buchanan in GA July 9, 2007
"Raw taste was just me, wanted to clarify!"
The "raw taste" I described was just me. These are fabulous. I have bought two boxes and no problems with any of them. My new favorite!!
Arabian Horse in KC February 11, 2007
"Great smoke!!!"
This is one great smoke! To start off with, I usually like the maduro cigars but I tried this one and it was great. I found it to be of excellent construction and it had a great burn. The taste was smooth all the way through. I would call this a medium body smoke with tons of flavor. I did however note at times a somewhat "raw?" flavor. I am not sure about this flavor with being 18y/o aged tobacco. Just my opinion. I will however try more of these and see if it was just the few I have already smoked. I would like to say I will keep a box of these in the humi at all times. Price is right on, and these are a must try!!
Arabian Horse in Kansas City January 29, 2007
"Good flavorful smoke"
After trying one from a sampler I bought a box. I was very happy with the great flavor, excellent construction and consistent burn. However, I was surprised that these were rated mild or mild to medium in strength. I find them to be on the other side of medium. This was my only disappointment (a plus for some) with this cigar.
mgraze in chicagoland September 10, 2006
"Another winner"
This is another great winner from Cusano. It has a smooth, mild flavor, firm white ash, and consistant burn. It's the milder brother of Cusano's excellent Corojo...
Mike in Pittsburgh April 20, 2006
"The price is right, the rating is not........."
I have smoked 5 of these now and continue to be unimpressed. Cigar Aficianado gave these a 91 rating, I would have to disagree. I give them more like an 85. The price is right on par with the quality. They are a good everyday smoke, but nothing spectacular. These sticks are way over-hyped. There isn't really much flavor to them, and they tend to canoe alot. I had to use my lighter numerous times on each one I smoked. Like I said, this is a quality cigar, just not a 91.
Vince M in Altoona, PA April 7, 2006
"Lives up to the hype"
I was searching for cigars and stumbled upon the hype around the Cusano 18. So, I ordered a box and was pleasantly surprised. It lives up to the accolades! It has smooth flavor, tight wrap, and nice even burn creating long ashes. It is definitely a cigar that I fill the humidor with. Several boxes later and I'm still satisfied. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, the price is right. I select Cusano 18 over most much higher premium brands. So, there's no excuse not to keep them around. Surprisingly, the smoke shops in my area don't handle them so I order them online. Try a box or a sampler, you won't be disappointed.
T Satcher in Boca Raton, FL March 17, 2006
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10 Burn (88) 100
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10 Consistency (87) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Draw (92) 100
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10 Appearance (94) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Taste (91) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (90) 100
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