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Cusano 18 Paired Maduro Robusto Reviews [view details]

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Sure wish somebody would explain what an apostrophe 's' is to Michael. On the band it says 'paired maduro's'. "Maduro's" what? You'd think of all the people at Cusano who have seen this band someone would know how to speak English. Cigar is pretty's covered with what is either bloom or metallic sand. Funky wrap though.
DC in USA March 27, 2009
"Maduro improvement over Connecticut"
I previously reviewed the Cusano 18 Double Connecticut. I was not very impressed. The Paired Maduro, however, adds a Brazilian Mata Fina Maduro wrapper and Dominican Piloto leaf plus a '99 San Vicente Olor binder. This is a much improved and more sophisticated flavor than the Double Connecticut. The start was nice, with a healthy, almost snow-white ash. Burn, however, was uneven with improvement 1/4 of the way through. This cigar is worth the modest price. Having a several Padron-a-day habit probably affects my ability to be impartial, but I think I have been fair here.
Steven in West Palm Beach December 25, 2008
These are great. I like them just a bit more than the double ct. My very favorite value smoke was the Bayamo robusto maduro's. These have a very similar taste in my opinion. Very good construction, great price, good burn......whats not to love? Smoked these down to the very end and loved every bit!! Try these out!
Arabian Horse in Kansas City January 29, 2007
"A great smoke"
This and a H. Upmann cigar were my first 'real' cigars. The construction and appearance of the double maduro is simply beautiful. I don't know if it is because the tobaccos are aged or if I just happened to get some really nicely aged smokes, but the two I bought form the local tobaccanist even have some slight bloom on them. Since I am a new cigar smoker, all I can say is these made a great impression on me, and serve as the reference that I judge all my next smokes upon.
AJS777 in Oregon January 8, 2007
"Interesting smoke"
I didn't enjoy the taste, personally, of this med-full bodied cigar. I found it to be very peppery and harsh, leaving my mouth feeling very dry within the first five minutes. I had to give it up and went to a AF Exquisito which was very satisfying in comparison). However, it did have an incrediblly easy draw, great amounts of smoke, well built, nice burn. A bit spongy, though not to the detriment of smoking it. The flavor reminded me of the Padron 2000 a bit, but much harsher and not nearly as tasteful.
LK in San Diego November 7, 2006
"Great Smoke"
I order 3 of these to try out. Wow my taste buds were treated to a very mild luscious paired maduro.You won't be disappointed,I have backup now!!
JC in Rhode Island September 6, 2006
"Better than its Double Connecticut brother...."
This is a very tasty Maduro, at a very tasty price. The draw is nearly perfect, the burn is good, the construction is better than average, and the taste is unique. I am a Maduro smoker, and I usually smoke Partagas Black Label or Ashton Aged Maduro, but these Cusano 18 Maduros are pretty good. The C18 Double Connecticut got a 91 rating from Cigar Aficianado (I gave them an 85), but these are much better than those. I would give this cigar an 88. The flavor is good, but not very complex. All in all, these are definitely worth the price and would be a great everday cigar.
Vince M in Altoona, PA April 7, 2006
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