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Cusano CC Reviews

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Cusano CC Torpedo
"V smooth smoke; v enjoyable"
Great smoke; great burn;
James in UK February 20, 2015
Cusano CC Robusto
"Excellent Bundle - One of the Best"
Surprisingly impressed with this bundle. A very even burn with a nice draw. Appearance and construction are what I expect from higher priced cigars. Flavor is medium to full and spicy.
Rick in Carlsbad, NM September 15, 2013
Cusano CC Torpedo
"Nice Aroma, Even Burn Smooth Taste..Great pleasure"
Smooth taste and even burn. Great enjoyment... great price!
Nicolals Guerrero Jr in Richmond, TX September 7, 2013
Cusano CC Corona
"Worst construction ever!"
Of the 20 cigars, 13 split at the foot during clipping. I used a Zino, an Xicar, a punch, and a razor. After buying 20 cigars, I smoked three. taste was OK, nothing special. But the construction had a strong note of frustration, followed by hints of anger, disgust and loathing. I can not believe the ratings this cigar has posted!
Will in Ingleside, IL February 10, 2013
Cusano CC Robusto
"Holy Smoke"
Bland. Like smoking cardboard.
Joe in Malaysia October 24, 2012
Cusano CC Churchill
"Not long-filler"
I assumed this was hand-made with long-filler tobacco. It's filled with shreds. It does taste pretty good, but I got suspicious and took one apart. Something about it made me suspicious.
"R" in New Orleans April 14, 2012
Cusano CC Churchill
"Fantatic cigar, rich and smooth"
This cigar has become one of my favorites and a must to keep in the humidor. Rich and robust, burn and draw is great!
Bruce in North Carolina June 23, 2011
Cusano CC Robusto
"A quality smoke"
Bought these discounted at the same time I bought Rocky Patel Factory Classics and these blew away the RPs in every aspect, and cheaper, to boot. Going to make this brand a consistent part of future purchases.
Tom in Long Island, NY May 20, 2011
Cusano CC Churchill
"Great taste, easy draw"
Smooth even flavor, easy drawing without overburn.
Paul in Kansas City, Mo October 13, 2009
Cusano CC Robusto
"Not too shabby"
I wasn't expecting much, considering they're a bundle cigar and the only other Cusano I've had are the 18's (fantastic), but these exceeded my expectations. Very good flavor, burn, and one of the best draws I've ever had on a cigar. Very nice Cusano, especially for the price!
Mike in Ohio October 5, 2008
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