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Cusano CC Reviews

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Cusano CC Robusto
"Good Smoke"
Good cigar for the price. A bit stronger than the Cusano M1 which is nice when you feel like a bigger 'kick'. Very nice draw, tastes great.
Mike in East Rochester November 25, 2007
Cusano CC Robusto
"Great Taste, poor wrapper construction"
These cigars offer a high class taste for a budget cigar. They produce a good amount of smoke, burn well, and taste good too. The one drawback I have noticed, and this has been the case with this entire line of Cusanos(M1, P1, PP, and CC) has been the wrapper. It tends to split and peel VERY easily. My cigars are kept properly humidified, so this is not the result of a "dry" cigar. It almost seems as if the outer leaf is overly thin. Most crack, especially when peeling off the wrapper, some wrappers have actually completely unraveled...good thing they only cost a few bucks
Brian in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado November 12, 2007
Cusano CC Corona
"Great relaxing smoke!"
This is the perfect Sunday afternoon smoke. It's my "old reliable". It is a very affordable cigar and is great for all types of cigar smokers! Enjoy!
Wayne in Virginia August 19, 2007
Cusano CC Torpedo
"outstanding, especially for the price."
Really outstanding construction and burn ... 2 inch ash and perfectly even glowing ring. Excellent flavor, slightly milder than "full", no bite, slightly Cuban or EMS, but very smooth. I was quite pleasantly surprised. This is a great everyday cigar. My only objection is the Cuban Cohiba look-alike band.
Overworked in CA July 14, 2007
Cusano CC Churchill
"Great taste, poor construction"
This cigar has really good flavor if you like cubans. Great draw and consistant burn but construction was terrible.Could not punch or cut without shattering. Can't say enough about the taste but threw 30% away from splits and bad caps.
Brad in Michigan September 25, 2006
5-Pack Frenzy...just got a lot crazier!
Iron Horse