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Cusano LXI Sun Grown Reviews

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Cusano LXI Sun Grown Toro
"Good, but poor burn."
This is a flavorful cigar, with pretty good construction and draw, but the burn is pitiful. I had to relight several times - disappointing.
An anonymous smoker April 9, 2014
Cusano LXI Sun Grown Toro
"Strong and Complex"
This is not a light, mild morning cigar. Best enjoyed slowly, this is a powerful and complex, yet pleasant smoke that doesn t break the bank.
GE in Charleston SC March 12, 2014
Cusano LXI Sun Grown Robusto
"Power to the Punch Afficiando Only No Joke"
This Stolky is for an experience Cigar Smoker Very good But just a little to Strong for my taste now
Wilfredo in NYC February 9, 2014
Cusano LXI Sun Grown Robusto
"Very tasty"
I ve only smoked one of these, but that was very good and looking forward to more of the same. A beautiful cigar, well filled, lots of spicy smoke, all at a great price. My only complaint is the last third went out repeatedly and got bitter after being re-lit so many times. I m ordering a 5er for the humi and look forward to smoking more of these.
Steven in NC, USA November 7, 2013
Cusano LXI Sun Grown Gordo
"Great Smoke"
I bought a 5pk and had to buy a full box. Smooth easy draw and flavor. Even burn and consistency. No bad wrappers or throw aways.
Morgan in NC October 20, 2013
Cusano LXI Sun Grown Robusto
"Sheer cigar joy"
When I smoke a Cusano LXI Sun Grown robusto, I don't think of other cigars. It's that good. Amazing combination of subtle, rich nutty, cinnamony flavors with a pungent, oily, spicey wrapper that's a treat to chew. The Famous price makes it $3.00 a stick, and to my taste, it trumps cigars at six or seven times that price. Seriously spectacular.
Paul in Boston, MA April 21, 2013
Cusano LXI Sun Grown Toro
"Sea Captain Special"
These will put hair on your chest. The description is accurate about the super tingly mouth-feel. Its like a chunk of cedar with an occasional note if cream. Couldn't finish mine.
jordan chase May 29, 2012
Cusano LXI SunGrown Toro Gordo
"Boys it don't get any better than this!"
One of the best cigars I have ever smoked. Perfect!!
mac in Dalton, Ga. September 1, 2010
Cusano LXI Sun Grown Robusto
"Great Deal"
Great smoke and a great price. The sun grown and the 59 are Cusano's best cigars to date. Very nice draw and burn. Smooth and full flavored.
Mike in Colorado September 15, 2008
Cusano LXI Sun Grown Preferido
You won't be disapointed. This is one dam good cigar.
Lou in Delmar July 27, 2008
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