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Cusano LXI Sun Grown Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Power to the Punch Afficiando Only No Joke"
This Stolky is for an experience Cigar Smoker Very good But just a little to Strong for my taste now
Wilfredo in NYC February 9, 2014
"Very tasty"
I ve only smoked one of these, but that was very good and looking forward to more of the same. A beautiful cigar, well filled, lots of spicy smoke, all at a great price. My only complaint is the last third went out repeatedly and got bitter after being re-lit so many times. I m ordering a 5er for the humi and look forward to smoking more of these.
Steven in NC, USA November 7, 2013
"Sheer cigar joy"
When I smoke a Cusano LXI Sun Grown robusto, I don't think of other cigars. It's that good. Amazing combination of subtle, rich nutty, cinnamony flavors with a pungent, oily, spicey wrapper that's a treat to chew. The Famous price makes it $3.00 a stick, and to my taste, it trumps cigars at six or seven times that price. Seriously spectacular.
Paul in Boston, MA April 21, 2013
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