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Cusano M1 Reviews

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Cusano M1 Corona
"Good Mild Smoke for the Price"
Cant go wrong for an every day smoke at the price. Found the M1 to be my choice after trying a lot of cigars in that price range. Letting them age for a couple months makes the sticks smoother in taste.
Heinz in Ohio May 2, 2014
Cusano M1 Corona
"Great everyday cigar"
Overall decent cigar. Nothing in its price range can compete with this cigar. Smooth flavor and consistent burn and construction. Got a 5 pack of these in a sampler and have bought them since.
Don in Las Vegas April 17, 2014
Cusano M1 Robusto
"Ok i guess"
not on my to buy list again, it seemed bitter to me. im more of a sweet cigar guy so this wasnt as good as the MC or P1 IMO.
Aaron in Kentucky October 12, 2013
Cusano M1 606
"Love These"
Compare to any 60's and a great value. Great burn, ash and draw. Mild down to the band.
Denny in Maryland June 26, 2013
Cusano M1 Robusto
"19/20 were superb. Buying again"
This cigar is very consistent. I only had one bad one out of the pack. And even that bad one was okay. It smokes smooth and smoke is thick. Wrapper is nice and tight and none of my 20 cracked. This has become my favorite everyday cigar. Will buy again.
jimmy in Orange County May 26, 2013
Cusano M1 Robusto
"Decent cigar"
This cigar has a smooth and creamy smoke to it. But I thought it tasted bitter. Overall it was a good smoke.
Andrew in Ohio May 20, 2013
Cusano M1 Torpedo
"Harsh/ Bitter"
Very harsh and bitter. Good draw but the taste? Ugh...One of the worst I have had.
Chuck in Virginia April 13, 2013
Cusano M1 Churchill
"Still good"
Still a good cigar for the golf course. Mild, long and they stay lit. Nice taste for a $2.50 cigar and the construction is good.
Jim Thompson in South Carolina February 14, 2013
Cusano M1 Robusto
"Simple Cigar, Good Price"
I am a huge fan of the Cusano brand. When you are not looking to spend close to or over $100 for the Cusano 18, the next best deal is the Cusano M1 Robusto. The price is great for 20 cigars, and the burn, the draw, and consistency mimics that of a top rated cigar. This has easily become my go to cigar for the ordinary day. Please take a chance you will not regret such a smoke.
Dan P in Boston, MA November 12, 2012
Cusano M1 Churchill
...just try it, you will not be dissapointed.
Tom in Kentucky August 24, 2012
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