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Cusano M1 Reviews

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Cusano M1 Robusto
"So far a favorite"
I am new to cigars but of what I have tried, this is one of my favorites. Tastes great. Nice strength and burns really well.
Chip in Alpharetta, GA August 11, 2012
Cusano M1 Churchill
"Great cigar for golf."
My favorite smoke while golfing. Good taste even after putting out each hole for 7 to 8 holes...usually do not have to relight it. I've been thru 5 or 6 bundles and they are consistant. Also I can use a punch and still get a good draw.
Jim Thompson in South Carolina December 17, 2011
Cusano M1 Churchill
If you like smooth, mild cigars, this is for you. Now one of my favorites.
Paul D in Alpha, New Jersey October 27, 2011
Cusano M1 Corona
"Everyday favorite"
This has been my everyday cigar for over two years now. A nice full bodied taste with a good draw and an even burn.
John in NYC March 25, 2011
Cusano M1 Churchill
"A real good churchill"
I've smoked this stick both using a punch and a cutter and hands down, use a double bladed cutter. The punch does not work well with this as it does with others. All told, the CC Churchill is outstanding for the price, highly underrated in general and just a good flavorful smoke. The texture and build of it is nice, the aroma leaves a little lacking but the draw is superb even with almost 2 inches of ash. If you're looking for a nicely priced and good tasting smoke for daily use or even occasional celebratory smoke you can't go wrong here. Just be careful of the environmment from which you purchase them, all I've smoked have been pulled out of new bundles (I opened them).
Thomas in Kentucky August 23, 2010
Cusano M1 Corona
"Hard to Draw"
Decent flavor for an every day cigar, very hard to draw.
Paul in Kansas City, MO October 13, 2009
Cusano M1 Torpedo
"Not my favorite"
I found these cigars to be somewhat mild but harsh. Generally a Rocky Patel guy so maybe these just aren't my thing.
Paul in Kansas City, MO October 13, 2009 June 25, 2009
Cusano M1 Robusto
"What a very well made great tasting smoke."
I have been smoking cigars for over fifteen years. I have smoked some very good cigars and I have smoked some bad ones that make my head hurt just thinking of them. The Cusano M1 is one of those great little cigars that you remember. The flavor is rich and creamy. The construction is flawless, and the draw and burn are perfect. I can't believe I am getting such a great smoke so cheap. I almost feel guilty! I would also like to add that I have purchased cigars from several different online stores and shops. To date, I have not found any store that can match the great pricing and variety that FAMOUS SMOKE SHOP offers, and they still give free lighters and samples! THANK YOU FAMOUS CIGAR SHOP!
Larry in Galt, CA May 5, 2009
Cusano M1 Churchill
"Not the best, But not horrible"
This cigar was much to dry for me. I blame that on the Humidor at a local smoke shop i no longer buy cigars from. The taste was pretty bland, but overall the cigar was nice. Appearance, Color, Construction; all very solid. A bargin cigar, but be careful of bargin results. Try at your own risk. I would not recomend buying more than one of these before you decide you REALLY like them or not.
Patrick in Albany NY October 28, 2008
Cusano M1 Robusto
"Great Every Day Cigar"
This was a terrific mild smoke. Creamy and smooth with good flavor. Taste just like a macanudo. Good construction, even burn, easy draw, great taste. This in not a typical bundle cigar, they could easily sell these for $8-$10 a piece. I highly recommend you try them
Jonathan in Oxford, MS February 20, 2008
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