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Cusano M1 Reviews

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Cusano M1 Torpedo
"All it will take is one!"
Tired of expensive hard draws? Don't wait as long as I did to try and enjoy this smooth, mellow, long ash, easy draw M1 torpedo sensation. Total consistency with each wrap. Thank you for a work of perfection.
Gary G in Florida February 14, 2008
Cusano M1 Churchill
"Without a doubt the best bundle cigar made"
This is a good cigar at any price but for a bundle cigar it is outstanding. I have smoked a couple hundred of these and have never had a poorly constructed or tasting one. Thats more than I can say for most premium cigars. This is a very mild cigar yet it has a fair amount of flavor.
btg in Michigan December 30, 2007
Cusano M1 Robusto
"Great everyday smoke"
You cannot go wrong with this smoke. If youre looking for a nice mild everyday cigar, look no further. If you want something a bit stronger, try the Cusano CC. I enjoy them both with a nice single malt. Try them both, you wont be disappointed.
Mike in EastRochester,NY November 11, 2007
Cusano M1 Torpedo
"Very good price for a pretty good cigar"
Good burn, taste is pretty good, good price
Jeff Hedrick in Georgia February 15, 2007
Cusano M1 Churchill
"Mild Perfection!"
The Cusano Churchill is a cigar that offers mild taste, excellent draw to the very end, outstanding construction. It is like smoking a Macanudo for one third of the price.
David Vilinsky in NY October 29, 2006
Cusano M1 Robusto
"One of the best cigars at ANY price!"
This is a great cigar. Not just a great cigar for the price. Not just a great bundle cigar. A great cigar period. Fantastic flavor, loads of creamy smoke,great burn start to finish and top notch construction. For an exellent mild cigar look no further than the M-1.
mgraze in chicagoland September 10, 2006
Cusano M1 Torpedo
"Nice smoke"
Delightfully smooth, a perfect finish with no aftertaste. Looking for more as I bought them far from home. Also had the "CC", it was exceptional. My normal is the Aristocrat by Cuesta Rey.
Dan in New Jersey September 10, 2006
Iron Horse