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Cusano P1 Reviews

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Cusano P1 Churchill
"premium smoke for beginners"
a veteran smoker turned me on to the cusano brand. I've enjoyed every single one so far including the "18" "59" "m1" [which is too mild to be an evening smoke for me and the "P1" which is buy far the best value smoke i've tried.
rick in mesa September 15, 2008
Cusano P1 Churchill
"Very pleasant cigar"
Firm gray ash, good draw and even burn. Medium in body with pleasing aroma and taste. Good with your favourite beverage while sitting on your patio enjoying the day. Will definitely buy more of these excellent cigars.
Mike in Camp Verde, Az March 29, 2008
Cusano P1 Robusto
"Very good smoke"
This is a sweet and savory smoke, good draw and burn. The finish is nice, with a fair aroma. I enjoyed this smoke quite a bit, bit it reminded me of the Padron Londres, but for the price I'd rather smoke the Padron.
bthek in Albuquerque, NM April 14, 2007
Cusano P1 Churchill
Maybe I'm not smoking the same thing here , but I thought these were terrible, If not disgusting. They had a vegetal type flavor, if that vegetable had been composted...maybe asparagus? Although they did not come from FS, I would imagine they would have tasted better wtih the Cellophane left on while smoking.
Tony"Bones" Meriam in South Dakota January 31, 2007
Cusano P1 Robusto
"Good Smoke"
A decent smoke not as complex as 18 paired maduro,good draw and burn,good taste.
JC in RI September 22, 2006
Cusano P1 Robusto
"good but overpriced"
These are truly delicious cigars. I've smoked quite a few of them and the flavor, construction, and burn are consistent....HOWEVER....for a short filler bundle cigar they are overpriced. Flaky ash that falls off at about 1/2 inch. For less than a bundle of these costs, you can get a box of Sancho Panza Double Maduros.
Mark in Hicktown, MI September 21, 2006
Cusano P1 Robusto
This is a fantastic cigar. Full flavor with mild to medium strength. Wonderful taste from the attractive maduro wrapper without being overpowering. My new favorite.
mgraze in chicagoland September 17, 2006
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