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Cusano P1 Torpedo Reviews [view details]

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"not worth it"
this cigar has a very bitter aftertaste. the smell reminds me of gas station cigarettes its not worth the time or money.
in September 7, 2012
"enjoy cigars. that is all."
For the price, these cigars are amazing. The consistency is rated low because certain parts of the cigar had slight variations in taste. I didnt mind that really, but it is something to be aware of. I liked the variations because it felt like you were enjoying several different cigars at the same time. The taste is rated lower just because it doesnt compare with cigars of higher prices. Within its price range though, I would give it a perfect 10 on taste. Better than any other Dominican for $3 a cigar. It is a more mild blend and would be great for a novice cigar smoker or anyone who enjoys a mild. Overall, I highly reccomend this cigar.
smith in sd April 10, 2011
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