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CyB Corona Real Reviews [view details]

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"José Blanco does it again"
Boy, these are tasty! With an excellent balance of sweetness, wood and spice the sweetness being at the forefront , construction is at the loose end, akin to your average Gurkha, so the stick will go out if left unattended for more than 3-4 minutes, but the burn is excellent and the easy draw doesn t get too hot. The spice on the retro hale morphed into cedar past the mid-point, and the woodiness became more nutty. Has an aftertaste of sweet wood and nuts. I've just stocked up on cigars recently and said to myself I wasn't gonna purchase any more for a while, but if I see the 5-pack on cigar monster again I'm gonna buy them in a New York minute.
Stefan in City by the Bay January 11, 2014
"great smoke, full of flavor, low on strength"
These cigars were pretty hyped up, so I decided to go in for a blind box. When I smelled the first one it was so rich and sweet, like earthy raisin with a hint of citrus. Flavor definitely lived up to the hype, very complex. Think a really rich sweet cocoa/earth with a hint of citrus and vanilla that just hits your palate perfectly before moving into an earthy/oaky finish with some pepper. Medium, medium-full, but light on actual strength this is the perfect mid morning/afternoon smoke. Only gripe with it is the draw, which is consistently loose. Definitely have to be mindful of that or they do get a bit hot and sour, but all in all this is a fantastic cigar, buy some!
ryan in hell, usa April 24, 2013
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