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Dannemann Reviews

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Dannemann Speciale Brasil (20)
"The best little cigar I ve ever smoked!"
These cigars have a wonderful taste; coffee-like with just a hint of chocolate they are great with a cup of coffee . The smoke is rich, full with a pleasant odor, they are dry-cured so they never never a humidor. A great smoke for someone who loves a Brazilian on a lunch break or a cold day.
John S. in New York, Nassau County July 5, 2014
Dannemann Moods Filter (10)
I discovered these cigarillos in Germany back in 2007. Incredible taste! I m only curious as to how many other little gems like these exist out there.
Joe in California May 28, 2014
Dannemann Speciale Brasil (20)
"These are TRULY the best little cigar you'll find."
You will not find a better dark, rich tasting tobacco little cigar than the Dannemann Speciale Brasil. Try the rest and you ll be back to reach for these - the BEST. These little guys even put to shame MOST of the Big Boys.
ALAN January 30, 2014
Dannemann Speciale Brasil (20)
"the most delicious cigars I ve ever tasted."
Danneman speciales are the best cigars I've ever tasted. The size is perfect, the smoke comparatively cool, the draw is excellent, and the taste is out of sight. Perfectly balanced,strong without being overpowering, distinctive, and always deeply satisfying. A great cigar.
Jane Tompkins in Florida January 15, 2014
Dannemann Speciale Brasil (20)
"Excellent and Quick"
Very good small tasting cigarillo. Inexpensive and has a very good strong taste, easy and quick to smoke. If you want something inexpensive and with a rich taste try these!
Angel R. in Columbus, Indiana July 2, 2013
Dannemann Speciale Sumatra (20)
"Spicy Little Sumatra"
I love these little things. A short, elegant smoke in the European style with the hard-to-describe spiciness of Sumatra. Just the thing when time is too short for a full size cigar. And your lady friend may like it, too.
Stoyanovich in Hudson Valley, NY December 23, 2012
Dannemann Speciale Brasil (20)
love it.. a lil pricey
Eve in Milwaukee November 15, 2012
Dannemann Moods Filter (10)
100 <3
erdit in kryeziu July 12, 2012
Dannemann Moods Filter (10)
"Very flavorful small cigars!"
As mentioned before, for such a small mild cigar, these things are big on taste! The consistency of the flavor is excellent. Very smooth, great for a morning smoke. You get a surprisingly large draw from them as well. They are a bit small though, and burn rather fast. Its a great smoke though, will definitely buy again.
Joseph in Texas February 16, 2012
Dannemann Moods Filter (10)
"Excellent Cigarillo"
Mild but with excellent flavor of a much more expensive cigar. Proof that big taste can come in small packages.
Bob in TX February 10, 2012
5-Pack Frenzy...just got a lot crazier!
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