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Dannemann Reviews

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Dannemann Espada Sumatra
"great cigar, always fresh"
Mild, yet flavorful..I take these with me on vacation to the Dominican Republic. That's how much I like them
marty stillufsen in new jersey May 17, 2009
Dannemann Espada Brasil
"very good cigars"
These are very good cigars for the desert environment here in Iraq. They don't require a humidor to keep them in good shape. The flavor is mild, but it is good.
Chuck in Balad Air base Iraq April 18, 2009
Dannemann Imperial Sumatra (20)
"Great mild smoke!!"
This is a very enjoyable cigarillo for those who may not always have the time to enjoy a full cigar. If you like a mild smoke this one is for you. I have been smoking these for a year now and will never return to my old brand.
Jim in Danbury, CT February 23, 2009
Dannemann Moods Filter (10)
Nevermind what I sad before...on 2nd try, these are really good! Very flavorful. Must have had a bad one before or something.
Greg in Seattle April 13, 2008
Dannemann Moods Filter (10)
I didn't like these too much. Very mild, almost little taste. They look to be made very well though, and they smell wonderful.
Greg in Seattle March 5, 2008
Dannemann Moods Filter (10)
the best cigar!
marko in serbia February 18, 2008
Dannemann Lonja Brasil (10)
"Great little smoke"
A great tasting little cigar. Burns well, good fot a quick, but enjoyable, smoke.
tom oteri in arizona October 26, 2007
Dannemann Moods Filter (10)
Nearly as good as the 8-year old vintage I smoked later that day. Incredible little cigars.
Anonymous in New Hampshire January 21, 2006
Dannemann Lights Brasil
"Great Light Smoke in every respect"
Can't say enough good things about this cigar. Can't find any flaws; from the indivdual foil packaging to your final draw.
Jim Klein in Washington May 20, 2004
Dannemann Espada Brasil
"Well made but too light in taste"
A very well made small cigar, but lacking in any distinctive taste. Far too mild and light in flavor for my tastes.
Ray in Dallas, TX March 4, 2003
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