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I discovered these cigarillos in Germany back in 2007. Incredible taste! I m only curious as to how many other little gems like these exist out there.
Joe in California May 28, 2014
100 <3
erdit in kryeziu July 12, 2012
"Very flavorful small cigars!"
As mentioned before, for such a small mild cigar, these things are big on taste! The consistency of the flavor is excellent. Very smooth, great for a morning smoke. You get a surprisingly large draw from them as well. They are a bit small though, and burn rather fast. Its a great smoke though, will definitely buy again.
Joseph in Texas February 16, 2012
"Excellent Cigarillo"
Mild but with excellent flavor of a much more expensive cigar. Proof that big taste can come in small packages.
Bob in TX February 10, 2012
"Great Little Cigar"
Mild but very flavorful smoke. Small but has a reasonably slow consistent burn. I tried a pack of ten, will be ordering packs of 50 in the future. Good value for the price point.
Bob in Texas January 26, 2012
"Old reliable"
Such an easy smoke to travel with. This one is called Old Reliable for a reason.
Luke D in Long Beach, CA September 2, 2010
"For a quick smoke it is fine."
For a quick smoke it is fine.
Steve in Keys June 17, 2010
Nevermind what I sad before...on 2nd try, these are really good! Very flavorful. Must have had a bad one before or something.
Greg in Seattle April 13, 2008
I didn't like these too much. Very mild, almost little taste. They look to be made very well though, and they smell wonderful.
Greg in Seattle March 5, 2008
the best cigar!
marko in serbia February 18, 2008
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