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Davidoff Accessories And Samplers Reviews

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Davidoff Tubos Assortment
"No. 2 from this redefined my idea of a great cigar"
This was an absolutely fantastic smoke from start to finish. I nubbed it as far as I could with my gloves on. Mild with not much nicotine kick, so great for anyone. It had a bit of a club soda like flavor throughout. Flawless burn and excellent smoke. Draw was a little tighter so I made the mistake and cut the head too low as a result. This lead to some unraveling that I easily fixed and fortunately it never unraveled again. Lots of wonderful flavor from start to finish that lingers. I enjoyed smelling this the entire time and blew the smoke very slowly to enjoy it. Burn time was about 45 minutes. Got a little spicy/pepper 1/3 in about a 1 and it ramped up to a 6 or 7 at the end, but never harsh. Very woodsy and fragrant. Hard to describe, but brilliant. I read that this was Zino Davidoff s favorite smoke and I can see why! I couldn'?t imagine a cigar of this skinny 38 ring gauge could pack such flavor, but it was simply fantastic. This cigar has once again redefined my definition of a great smoke!
Ron in Seattle, WA January 24, 2014
Davidoff 12 Cigar Assortment
my friend hd bby got the ssortment for the shed .very smooth nice cigrs I will buy more soon
Thomas in Hoffman June 14, 2013
Davidoff Robusto Collection
"Worst purchase EVER"
What a bust! Hard draw, no smoke, uneven burn, bad flavor, hard spots in the body that were like chunks of cement. I have never made it to the end of one of these smokes. I thought these were premium smokes. I'll take a $5 Fuente over these crappers any day.
Kim R in Phoenix March 5, 2012
Davidoff 12 Cigar Assortment
"Yes it is truly THE GOOD LIFE"
This sampler is a great way to try all the different blends in the Davidoff line. Each and every cigar that Davidoff makes is of the highest quality. I here people say "oh they cost so much" Well let me tell you they are worth every penny as you will not find a better made cigar anywhere. Get this sampler and find your favorite and really ENJOY THE GOOD LIFE!!!
Alan in Columbus, Ohio January 10, 2009
La Floridita Fuerte
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