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Davidoff Aniversario Reviews

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Davidoff Aniversario #3
"Excellent--one of only a handful of the truly best"
"it doesn't suck"
Steven in Tampa, Florida February 1, 2009
Davidoff Aniversario #2
"#2 Aromatic delight"
This cigar has a solid core of woody flavors, with some hints of nuts and toast. It is medium bodied and has a woody finish. The,"Zino 80th"makes for an eventful super-premium that fully satisfies.
Kevin in Sedona Az February 21, 2008
Davidoff Aniversario #2
"One of the very best cigars I've ever smoked"
The Private Stock #14 Natural is a very similar smoke at a much lower price.
Bob Mazone in IL July 14, 2006
Davidoff Aniversario #3 Tubos
"Top Of The Line"
The entire Davidoff lineup is truly exceptional and practically one of the very best cigar brands in the world today bar none! The Aniversario #3 Tubos, is my personal favorite that rivals most authentic cubans I have smoked and the flavor and aroma take you on a rollercoaster ride with how delicious this cigar is. I found nice hints of pure cocoa, almond, some leathery cedar notes and at the end it had a medium to heavy grassy, citrus note. Quite a cigar indeed. Best in it's class especially for those who appreciate high end cigars and of course.. "The Good Life".
Greg in FL June 23, 2006
Davidoff Aniversario #2
"A superb cigar and it's great to find it closeby"
While expensive, it is worth the price. It has a smooth, rich taste, and will always be my cigar of choice. Very happy it can be found so close to home.
Bill in Port Murray, New Jersey June 1, 2006
Davidoff Aniversario #1
"A high dollar Cuban in disquise"
Great cigar...worth every dollar
Ray in Princeton March 30, 2006
Davidoff Aniversario #3 Tubos
"awsome cigar"
A wonderful smoke a very high quality cigar. This cigar is as good as many cubans that I have and still smoke. A+ I have never heard anybody say that a Davidoff is a average cigar. They are truly one of the finest you can buy. The roles royce of cigars expensive but well worth it.
chad in Allentown December 15, 2005
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