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Davidoff Mini Cigarillo (20)
"Just Ok"
Just an ok cigarillo. Taste is mild and a very quick smoke. Davidoff makes good cigars in general so this is worth a try.
Anthony in California June 2, 2013
Davidoff Mini Cigarillos Silver (20)
"believe the other reviews"
bought a box and was amazed. I have been on a hunt for a small tasty cigar that is not super cheap but not to much either and this is it. I have tried many small cigars (padron corticos, davidoff primeros, cohiba pantelas, 5 different tins of cao, and a ashton cigarello this cigar is the best so far when comparing price, taste and length of smoke. It is a shorter smoke then a most small cigars I am used to but I like the 10 to 15 min smoke.
Cody in MD January 30, 2013
Davidoff Mini Cigarillo (20)
"Nothing Special"
I was disappointed. I really enjoy Davidoff products but these............ No.
David in CA November 13, 2012
Davidoff Long Panatela
"An smooth, mild cigar well made and a fist choice"
An smooth, mild cigar well made and a fist choice smoke
Paolo in Alberta Canada July 25, 2012
Davidoff Demi Tasse (10)
"Great intro to Davidoff!"
As a beginner, I don't want to be wiped out by a powerhouse smoke. But I wanted to see what Davidoff was about, and these great little smokes don't break the bank. They don't "turn", and I can smoke them down to the nub. Smooth all the way, with a super consistent burn and ideal draw. I'll be back for more of these, which is saying a lot because I usually prefer sweeter, flavored cigars.
MarkusXL in San Jose, CA June 10, 2012
Davidoff Mini Cigarillos Gold (10)
"A wonderful cigarillo in this female's view"
As a woman who smokes cigars quite occassionally, I find these cigarillos to be perfect. Not so strong that they make me feel sick, but a wonderful flavor, and a smooth burn. A great birthday gift from my discerning husband--a relaxing smoke and still small enough to look natural in a woman's hand. :)
LMM in United States--Midwest April 1, 2012
Davidoff Mini Cigarillo (20)
"Love this cigarillo"
Always a delicious lumber/sawdust overtone to the smoke. Very smooth flavor and slow burning. Limited aftertaste - never seem to have a stale mouth after smoking these. A great cigar for those times when you only have 10 minutes.
Dave in St Paul MN October 31, 2011
The Davidoff of Geneva Robusto Assortment
Cheung Kit in Hong Kong August 19, 2011
The Davidoff of Geneva Corona Assortment
"save your money!"
Got the Geneva assortment, save your money! smoked the griffin and the zino classic,not impressed at all, the zino classic was not well made, very loose construction, flavor was peppery and so,so. The burn was fast. The draw was very light. The griffen was a little better,which is not saying much. flavor was mild and non-descript. Construction was better, the draw was steady.Still have two more coronas to go lets see if they are any better,but so far if I was Davidoff I would be embarrassed !
Duggy in san diego August 5, 2011
Davidoff Mini Cigarillo (20)
"i dont get it..."
i am a regular cigar smoker- i was looking for somehting to fill the void when i dont have time to smoke an entire stick... i just didnt get it- not for my taste.. luckily, my father enjoys these so i can give them to him.
Aaron in Little Neck, NY October 7, 2010
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