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Davidoff Reviews

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Davidoff Mini Cigarillos Silver (20)
"These are my favorite"
I have to say these are may favorite cigarillo. They are light but tasty. Love to relax at the end of the day with one these.
Kevin in Mesa AZ February 18, 2010
Davidoff Mini Cigarillos Gold (10)
"Not bad"
This was my first cigarillo and I have to say it's very good. It has a unique taste and smell to it that I enjoy very much, and the price isn't too bad either.
Matt in Yukon, OK September 7, 2009
Davidoff Long Panatela
"rich tasting with smoothness"
I can't do without them.Whereever I go they go.I highly recommend they to my freinds.My friends feel the same.I order for them. Marvin Felton
Marvin Felton in CA June 15, 2007
Davidoff Long Panatela (10)
"Mild, medium length smoke, satisfying."
It's a good smoke. I'm buying some more.
Lynn Leffler in WA January 31, 2007
Davidoff Demi Tasse (10)
The Davidoff demi tasse has the spicy but smooth taste of the davidoff line at a good price, they're great if you want a quick smoke or as a daily smoke, personaly I've gotten tired of having to spend 45+ minutes to enjoy a smoke, and if I feel unsatisfied I just smoke another one, that's the way cigarillos work. So try them if you like davidoff or just want a good short smoke.
Stephen in Purcellville, Va August 15, 2006
Davidoff Demi Tasse
I carry them in my purse so that wherever I am I have my nightly cigar. On the weekends I my start a little earlier and have two.
Andrea Schwartz in St. Pete Beach Florida May 15, 2005
Davidoff Demi Tasse (10)
"Similiar to the Davidoff Long Pantella"
This is a good cigar. It's quality is on par with its price. It is much better than the Davidoff Mini Cigarillo, but not as good as the Davidoff Long Pantella. It has a good flavor, and is well made. It is very similair in appearance to the Zino Prinesses
Jim in Sasser, GA April 18, 2004
Davidoff Long Panatela
"Well worth the Davidoff name."
This is a fine cigar, well worth the Davidoff name. It has a smooth pleasant taste. They are well made.
Jim in Sasser,GA April 18, 2004
Davidoff Mini Cigarillos Gold (10)
"A fine Cigarillo for the price."
I found this Cigarillo to be Med-Strong with good flavor. It's appearance is smooth and uniform. It burns smooth and is easy to draw. Overall this is a fine cigarillo, and I would recommend it to anyone that is accustomed to Cigarillos.
Jim in Sasser, GA April 18, 2004
Davidoff Mini Cigarillos Gold (10)
"Good flavor,Med-Strong, Smooth burning, easy Draw."
The mini cigarillos,do not quite live up to the Davidoff name. But for the price it is an exceptional Cigarillo. I found its flavor to be Medium-Full. It's appearance is even and uniform, well made. The length and ring size are ideal for a quick smoke. Overall this is a fine cigar for the price.
Andrew in Dublin,GA April 18, 2004
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