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"Wonderful Experience for First Timer!"
I was offered one of these cigars in a local cigar bar. Timid about just smoking at all for first time...BUT loved the experience, great to be in company of other women in the club enjoying their cigars. This cigar is smooth, light, very pleasant aroma and a creamy smoke too. Smoked the whole thing and liked it so much I had another the next night....expensive I guess but worth it for occasional pleasure!! Oh, and the shape, long slim, and nice.. good for a ladies cigar.
MIKI in March 27, 2013
"Great cigar, but grossly overpriced"
I agree with all the good things said by previous reviews. But, at $17 apiece, is it worth it? Buy just one of these and taste for yourself before you invest $170 in a ten pack like I did. In my opinion, you can find a better quality/price ratio elsewhere. If you want to stick to the mild side like myself, I suggest you try Rocky Patel American Market or Carlos Torano Reserva Selecta/Decadencia.
Nik in IL, USA March 7, 2013
"expensive but worth it"
Mild, smooth, light...great aroma. Expensive too. The ONLY cigar I have ever smoked that my wife likes. She asked to smoke one with me on our anniversary, she loves them!
mike in montana November 10, 2011
"amazing cigar"
not a heavy cigar guy, but love these on occaision. wife has always liked the smell of 'em...and decided to try one while we were traveling out of town. She wants to smoke this cigar now! THAT is an endorsement for the mild smoke, she loves the shape and length....have to admit that I do too.
larry in oregon April 21, 2010
"The best non Cuban"
This is the closest you can get to an original Cuban Cohiba Lancero. Excellent cigar.
O. E. Aguilar in Tampa, FL, United States September 16, 2009
"Oh yea!"
Simply stated..... One of the finest cigars on planet earth.
timothy carden in pa March 6, 2009
"best ever"
The consistant Quality is amazing. Smooth, soft billows of smoke not before seen in a panatela. I got 1 from a friend, now #1 in my humidor. Not for big ring maduro fan's, but a great change up.
S.McCray in Healdsburg October 13, 2004
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