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Davidoff Classic No.2 Reviews [view details]

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"One of the best mild smokes"
this is one of the best, if not the best milder smokes out there. anything davidoff classic and diamond crown are my absolute favorites hands down. they're mild, super creamy, and just all around delicious. def pricey, but if u can spare it, u won't find a more delicious mild smoke. perfect for the morning and it'll smoke in about 45 min (not sure if that's good-for the price)
K in NYC February 13, 2013
"NIce easy 30 minute smoke"
Nice Smoke with espresso and a demitasse of Gran Marnier. Easily one of the nicer smokes I have had in a while.
Robert in Farmngdale NY August 15, 2011
"The ultimate mild smoke?"
If you're a fan of mild cigars, this could be perfection for you. Flawless construction, perfect burn, and very aromatic. The flavor reminds me of nutmeg, cinnamon, and a hint of coriander with a frame of (very) mild cedar. Not my overall favorite, but extremely pleasant. Not a Scotch or Cognac smoke for sure--I find that a well-made pot of dark Oolong or Earl Grey is the way to go (and actually complements the flavors perfectly). Good stuff.
Mike in Seattle July 17, 2007
"Pleasant... but a little mild for evening."
This is a very nice, petite cigar. Good aroma, easy to light, burns even, nice and smooth to the end. I think this cigar would be better suited to a cup of coffee rather than Jack. I may keep a couple around for (GOOD) newbie friends, chics, and an occasional lazy morning.
Mark Nicks in MN February 2, 2007
Not a bad cigar by any means smooth and cool, I could not get it to burn hot even at the end. There is one and only one problem with this cigar they left out the taste there is no taste just smooth tobacco. Good cigar but not worth the price if you want a cigar that taste like something. If you're willing to pay this much go with the VSG.
SmokieTheBear in Purcellville, Va January 9, 2007
"One of the best"
This is my favorite cigar hands down! I have smoked #2's and the 2000 line, they are both pretty the same smoke, the 2000 is a little smaller and a little cheaper usually. This is a very mild smoke which is what I usually go for but if you like a more deep smoke this might not be for you. The burn is great, and the whole cigar is very consistent, tastes great from the beginning till the end. Worth the money for sure!
Ted in Chester County PA August 14, 2006
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