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Davidoff Classic Series Reviews

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Davidoff Primeros (6)
My favorite of the Davidoff is the Special R but, the primero is perfect for the quickie smake after lunch or something. Davidoff by far my favorite cigar. Always got a pack of primeros with me.....
Kevin in Texas November 2, 2009
Davidoff Classic No.1
"The best non Cuban"
This is the closest you can get to an original Cuban Cohiba Lancero. Excellent cigar.
O. E. Aguilar in Tampa, FL, United States September 16, 2009
Davidoff Primeros (6)
"Perfect, except for the taste."
Everything is perfect in this small cigar: well aged, rolled perfectly, burn and draw are perfect. The taste has a harshness to it: not the best tobacco.
Henry in Texas August 30, 2009
Davidoff Classic No.1
"Oh yea!"
Simply stated..... One of the finest cigars on planet earth.
timothy carden in pa March 6, 2009
Davidoff Primeros (6)
A well contructed smoke with beautiful ash. A bit mild, but good. I will probably re-order more.
Jeff in Chapel Hill, NC December 11, 2008
Davidoff Exquisitos
"big & long yet mild"
Had 2 given to me as a gift, they are thick, long and around 8 inches long. Almost 1 inch thick, best I had yet. Very smooth, mild and slow buning. on the band it says, Davidoff & Geneva...enjoying very much. Only problem is if I put it out it's to thick to fit in a normal cigar case(tin holder). Other then that sweet stuff, not 1 cough yet primo in my books, will be looking 4 these at my local cigar smoke shop. Thanks!
dwayne smee in windsor.ont,canada June 30, 2008
Davidoff Primeros (6)
"Primeros fine cigars by Davidoff"
I've bought the Davidoff Primeros and these are very well cigars. As a Dutchmen used to smoke top quality cigars, even Cubans, these are good cigars, specially considering there price.
Roy in Netherlands September 11, 2007
Davidoff Classic No.2
"The ultimate mild smoke?"
If you're a fan of mild cigars, this could be perfection for you. Flawless construction, perfect burn, and very aromatic. The flavor reminds me of nutmeg, cinnamon, and a hint of coriander with a frame of (very) mild cedar. Not my overall favorite, but extremely pleasant. Not a Scotch or Cognac smoke for sure--I find that a well-made pot of dark Oolong or Earl Grey is the way to go (and actually complements the flavors perfectly). Good stuff.
Mike in Seattle July 17, 2007
Davidoff Exquisitos (10)
"Not the best..."
OK, but certainly not to be mistaken for a small version of Davidoff's cigars. As one would expect from such a small cigar, they burn too fast and lack the complexity and flavor profile of their larger cousins. Definitely worth a shot for cigarillo fans, but as a cigar smoker who loves Davidoff, I just didn't find these very satisfying.
Mike in Seattle July 12, 2007
Davidoff Classic No.2
"Pleasant... but a little mild for evening."
This is a very nice, petite cigar. Good aroma, easy to light, burns even, nice and smooth to the end. I think this cigar would be better suited to a cup of coffee rather than Jack. I may keep a couple around for (GOOD) newbie friends, chics, and an occasional lazy morning.
Mark Nicks in MN February 2, 2007
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