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Davidoff Grand Cru Series Reviews

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Davidoff Grand Cru #5
"Another amazing cigar from Davidoff"
I have become a huge fan of the Davidoff series and I tried a Grand Cru over the weekend and I loved it. I have become quite impressed with the consistency of Davidoff cigars, the flavors are exceptional and this beauty was a great smoke. I know that my Davidoff obsession is going to be pricey, but the quality of these cigars is exactly what I want when I light up a stogie. Enjoy.
Hector M in San Francisco February 17, 2010
Davidoff Grand Cru #1
"Great, smooth Cigar"
Very smooth, well constructed, even slow burn, great flavor.
John in NC October 26, 2008
Davidoff Grand Cru #3
Oh, this my friends is a great cigar. Smooth with excellent burn and flavor. Fabulous construction. Good to the last drop.
Jeff in Honolulu, HI October 14, 2004
Davidoff Grand Cru #3
"A Truly Great Cigar"
A wonderful cigar with a rich and complex taste - sweet and spicy. The smoke is very thick and creamy. It burns well and the ash is firm. The construction is flawless. The only disapointing thing with the cigar was that it became a little harsh after a while - but I can live with that considering every other aspects of the cigar.
Stefan Andersson in Uppsala, Sweden April 5, 2004
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