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Davidoff Limited Edition Reviews

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Davidoff Limited Edition 2009 Toro Especial Seleccion 702
"meets all the expectations of a classic Davidoff"
From start to finish this cigar only gets better. Wonderful even burn throughout. A bit pricy but certainly the flawless construction one would expect in a world class cigar. Since this is a limited edition enjoy one while they are still here.
wingwinj in chicago July 9, 2010
Davidoff Diademas Finas
"This one's a keeper! -93-"
Congratulations, Nick. You are capable of basic 3rd or 4th grade arithmetic. However, you forgot to add the shipping charge to your calculation. ... This box of Davidoff's cigars is a special release, and sought after by collectors. Davidoff creates some of the best premium & super-premium cigars in the world. (hence the price) I've had the opportunity to smoke the release of the Diademas Finas and gave it a score of 93. It's taste and construction is exquisite, with a very unique sweet cedar taste throughout. It's mild-medium body, perfectly cool burning and rich smooth creaminess makes it worth every penny. You'll smoke this one until you can't hold it without burning your fingers. I even contemplated using a toothpick so I could get a bit more enjoyment from the experience. (really! lol) This cigar is a must-try in my opinion.
slimfish in Milwaukee, WI February 10, 2008
Davidoff Diademas Finas
"Is it a $22 smoke?"
I, have smoked several of these fine , well made perfecto's, Davidoff, quality is outstanding, taste, aroma, ash, finsh, what is there not to like...except the price....but Davidoff is not going to sell these for less anywhere, I usally smoke a quality cigar like this when the time permits to sit back and reflect on the kraftmanship and the different stages a cigar of this quailty leaves you with, smooth, with a gradual kick to a legal buzz. Treat yourself!!
NickB in Orange County Calif. July 27, 2006
La Floridita Limited Edition Cigars
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