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Davidoff Millennium Churchill Reviews [view details]

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"Way to expensive!"
These cigars, though good, are no better than many cigars which are a 1/10 the price. No Davidoff is worth the cost. They laugh at their customers...all the way to the bank.
mark p in mpls, mn April 8, 2009
"What's not to love?"
I just smoked one from the Davidoff shop at Maldalay Bay in Vegas. It was exceptional. Blew me away. It can match any Cuban, and I should know, I've been there twice. The 100th Davidoff birthday finos figurado was not nearly as good. This is one of the best cigars ever, period. The flavor is to crave, like a great cuban. I ordered several boxes when I got home (where the prices were reasonable). There is no better "domestic" (non-cuban) cigar available, and I've smoked almost all of 'em. Simply why I smoke cigars, complete enjoyment and contentment, and the flavor ...
Dr. Patrick in S. Illinois April 3, 2006
"-- Expensive and Harsh --"
Received a box of 10 Churchill's as a gift. The construction is excellent, very round and very firm (the draw is easy, though). The cap is a perfect hemisphere and easy to cut cleanly with a double cutter or punch. They are a visual delight to behold. They look and feel good. But the taste is not what I expected. It's harsh at first and stays that way for about the first 1/2-inch of cigar. Once past there, it became enjoyable -- a very good, full-flavored and strong smoke. Overall, my impression is that they're too expensive for what they deliver. As a gift I appreciate the thought, but I would be hard-pressed to spend $20 for one.
Al in Lexington, KY November 22, 2004
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