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Davidoff Millennium Reviews

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Davidoff Millennium Piramides
"Try These!"
I know @ $17/stick this cigar is out of many buyers price range... But if you can, this cigar offers fabulous nuances if you are Millenimum Blend fan. The cigar is gorgous! Nice wrapper. Fabulous nutty and spicy flavors that make your VSOP taste spicy and slightly sweet. The burn is perfect offering a long and satisfying finish. You can smoke these as long as you can hold them! The best of the Davidoff MB I have tasted. Thoughts?
Ron Toothman in Bakersfield CA May 13, 2005
Davidoff Millennium Robusto
"Very fine cigar"
A wonderful cigar. I had read postive reviews of the Millennium Blend, so I gritted my teeth and shelled out for a single-stick Robusto in a moment of weakness. I was still surprised at how thoroughly I enjoyed this cigar. In appearance, the Davidoff is beautifully constructed, with a perfect cap and handsome golden-brown wrapper ringed by Davidoff's distinctive bands. Rolling the cigar in my fingers, it seemed tightly packed, but on lighting I found the draw was just right, producing billows of fragrant smoke. While the Millennium blend is relatively full bodied, the cigar nevertheless has a creamy, velvety-smooth character, with a slightly sweet finish. A symphony of smooth, subtle flavors, without so much as a hint of a harsh note. It burned perfectly, and I must say I was disappointed when I had smoked it to the nub and had to put it down. It's true that there are other very good cigars available at a lower price, but this Davidoff Millennium is an exceptional cigar. I cringe at the price, but I will recommend this cigar to my friends.
Tom in Nevada March 10, 2005
Davidoff Millennium Petit Corona
"Memorable smoke"
A wonderful cigar. Though somewhat full-bodied, the smoke was velvety smooth and creamy, with notes of cinnamon and coffee, and wonderfully complex. Twenty bucks for a stick seems too extravagant a price to me, but this is a very fine cigar. Beautiful in appearance, flawless in construction, and a true pleasure to smoke.
Tom in Nevada March 10, 2005
Davidoff Millennium Churchill
"-- Expensive and Harsh --"
Received a box of 10 Churchill's as a gift. The construction is excellent, very round and very firm (the draw is easy, though). The cap is a perfect hemisphere and easy to cut cleanly with a double cutter or punch. They are a visual delight to behold. They look and feel good. But the taste is not what I expected. It's harsh at first and stays that way for about the first 1/2-inch of cigar. Once past there, it became enjoyable -- a very good, full-flavored and strong smoke. Overall, my impression is that they're too expensive for what they deliver. As a gift I appreciate the thought, but I would be hard-pressed to spend $20 for one.
Al in Lexington, KY November 22, 2004
Davidoff Millennium Robusto
"Overpriced and Underperformed"
Fortunately, started with a single (who wouldn't at that price?) and discovered a terribly harsh and boring cigar. Many, many less expensive and much better smokes out there.
Dan in OKC June 29, 2004
Davidoff Millennium Robusto
"Good Smoke"
Had high expectations for this one. It started off really spicy and STRONG. A little too strong for my taste. It mellowed out very nicely half way through. This is a very beautiful cigar. However, the flavor is not worth the extremely high price. If you like harsh cigars with a bite, you might like this one. I like smooth cigars with a lot of flavor - this one was harsh with a lot a flavor till I was half way through it. No thanks.
Mike in California September 18, 2003
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