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"A Weak, Cheap Tobacco Little Cigar"
I was looking for an alternative to my dark, rich tasting Dannemanns. These were on sale and decided to try them. BIG mistake. These weren't the price I paid because these little guys from Davidoff aren't even worth a DIME. If you like light, cheap tasting tobacco little cigars, be my guest and knock yourself out.
ALAN in January 30, 2014
"Very good cigarillos."
I have never tried cigarillos before but I enjoyed these a lot. I would not hesitate to buy these again.
John in Detroit, MI October 12, 2013
Great cigarillo, I'm not really a cigarillo man but they we're Davidoff and as I've been so busy lately I haven't had time for a full sized cigar. I bought these and me and my friends all love them.
Alex in New York July 23, 2013
"Really nice, cool quality!"
There are really cool and really enjoy the quality, but for every small cigars there are this problem with the burning - you have to light them often! This is not the case with Davidoff Exquisios - they are like big cigars - so good, so nice!
Vasil in California June 18, 2013
"believe the other reviews"
bought a box and was amazed. I have been on a hunt for a small tasty cigar that is not super cheap but not to much either and this is it. I have tried many small cigars (padron corticos, davidoff primeros, cohiba pantelas, 5 different tins of cao, and a ashton cigarello this cigar is the best so far when comparing price, taste and length of smoke. It is a shorter smoke then a most small cigars I am used to but I like the 10 to 15 min smoke.
Cody in MD January 30, 2013
"These are my favorite"
I have to say these are may favorite cigarillo. They are light but tasty. Love to relax at the end of the day with one these.
Kevin in Mesa AZ February 18, 2010
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