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This is a great system, and takes care of my 300 count humidor. In addition, I added two fans to circulate the air. Since there are no instrucitons that came with mine, I found myself having a difficult time taking the top off of the bottom where you pour the water. In case you run into this problem, don't pull up! The top slides off of the bottem, and is very easy to do. Just wish something had told me how to separate the two. I also don't feel the built in gage is accurate, so I keep to hygrometers in my humidor.
Dr. William in USA June 21, 2012
This was a recommendation for me to try by a friend. It's great and I loved it. It has a slightly sweet taste with the hint of chocolate. Draws and burns nicely. The flavor and aroma is addicting, I will stand to that. I plan to purchase some more of these to keep in my humidor. For being a newbie to the cigar world I have tried a few and I haven't ran across one yet that I wasn't pleased with. Think I'll have to invest in a bigger humidor and a few small to medium size, just to stock up my newly found hobby.
Arad1973 in Katy, Tx March 26, 2011
"Excellent cigar"
No matter what I try I always come back to Davidoff #2000
Dmitriy in Brooklyn NY July 7, 2010
"the one that started it"
this cigar started my cigar adiction. good burn awsome taste
larry in north carolina January 26, 2009
"Great cigar... Tad expensive"
I'm new to the Davidoff experience. My first was a 2000 petite corona. I was impressed with it, but it didn't floor me like I thought it might. I was given a few Davidoffs from my girlfriend, and after finding out what she spent on them... I'll be saving them for special occasions only. I am excited to try the other 2 I have in my humidor, those being a No. 2 and a Special R.. I do recommend this cigar, but do some shopping first, there are better for less.
Ryan in NH November 28, 2008
"Expensive doesn't mean great"
OK, so I have smoked cigars for about six or seven years now. I have always wanted to try the Davidoff and eventually picked the #2000 up for $12.00. Overpriced. I put it in my humidor for about four months just to make sure it was fresh when I smoked it. Well, I wasn't impressed. The burn was good, the draw was bad, the taste was chocolatey but nothing special. I have smoked cigars for the first time before and went out the next day and bought a box because I was so impressed. I wouldn't even think of doing so with a Davidoff. This cigar was nothing special at all. Save your money for something better.
Bill in Connecticut August 29, 2004
This is one great cigar. Normally I don't care very much for Davidoff as they are consistently overpriced. However the exception is the #2000. Taste, draw, burn, and construction are wonderful. This is a cigar you will truly enjoy.
EDJ in US October 26, 2003
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